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Only buy it if it fits!

Note to all who read – Charity shops do not open on Sundays. You have but one day to buy your bargain! Unless you’re a student in which case you have hundreds.

I might bang on about label this and designer that but please don’t think that I am some sort of label whore. When running my hands through racks and racks of clothing I could not check the label at the back of the neck on every garment, that would be absurd. You learn to recognise a quality fabric, and then often follows a quality cut. Also, as aforementioned, the label is at the back of the neck, inside the garment, and that is where it should stay. People who wear logos and labels emblazoned across their torsos and rear ends irritate me more than is reasonable. As I have said many times before, it is always about how you feel in what you’re wearing not what you look like, or how others perceive you. If you feel great, then the latter will follow naturally. You will stride confidently, you will turn heads (one of my favourite hobbies) and you will exude an aplomb which will be noticeable to others though they won’t know why.

It is simple. I feel fantastic when I am wearing something desirable, something that fits me perfectly and has been cut and designed with care.You can find this at the cheaper end of the High Street, but you have to know where to look for you. I know that Dorothy Perkins make a great deal of clothes for my shape, but Topshop items will always be too small in the waist in a 10 and too large in the hips in a 12. You have to buy something first and foremost if it fits you and befits you

Something fits you if it hugs your shape and the drapes and folds (if there are any) fall in the right place, and most importantly if it fits you as a person. A garment will befit you if it gives off the image that you want to portray. Do you feel great when you wear it? I have bought many items that looked fantastic in the changing room, but that I have worn out of the house for all of 5 minutes and then had to go back and change. They just didn’t make me feel comfortable

It is unreasonable to suggest that someone should buy everything from a charity shop. Of course it is necessary to buy items new too. But by shopping in charity shops, you really relish the opportunities to buy yourself something all shiny and new, in the carrier bag from the shop whence it came, that slightly synthetic smell of excitement.

One of my favourite shops is TK Maxx. You can pick up really good quality items here at a snip of the full retail price. Again you have to be prepared to search, but you learn to seek out the fabrics of quality and patterns that appeal to you. I have been known to stumble on Pucci dresses and Patrick Cox handbags. I bought a pair of Pedro Garcia sandals for £12 from TK Maxx. It is bargain hunting heaven.



From the right: Reiss sandals £49.99, Fenn Wright Manson summer shift £29.99, Cynthia Rowley Pleated dress (bang on trend, but the gathered waist usually suits only tiny waists or super tall slim girls) £37.00, Nine west summer shifts £20 each in the TK Maxx Reduced section (reduction on reduction, is there nothing more satisfying!?),  Nicole Farhi mid calf print skirt £17.00 size 10 (as I said before! Sorry about the poor quality photo) and Chloe sunglasses £49.99.

I haven’t generally mentioned sizes as there was a selection this being normal retail. Lots of quality at average high street prices.


From the right: Carvela peep toes £44.99, Edina Ronay jumper (better for autumn than for now, but is there really any difference between the two apart from the colour of the trees?) £24.99 and Miss Sixty military inspired coat (as before!) £59.99.

I noticed recently a surge in ‘Fall’, as the Americans like to call it, advertising campaigns for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Mulberry. These last 3 items are an homage to Autumn, my favourite season.

Next weekend I’ll be hitting up the top end of Union Street for more charity shop bargains.

Remember to follow me @meggiemaie on Twitter and #Aberdeen #Thrifty if you want to see ‘real-time’ bargain hunting. And other pish that springs from my brain.


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