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Summer has arrived! Therefore I shall write about over coats…

Well, I say summer has arrived, it may be 30 odd degrees down in London but it has been a solid 16° up here in Aberdeen. “Sunny spells” I think the weather channel would call it, but I love this place all the same, so grey, so grand, so sturdy, so cold.

So this leads me to my next point, overcoats will always be found in charity shops up North, even more so in this autumnal summer that we are enduring. Even Next has a range of woolies at the door this summer. I always buy my coats from charity shops. There is nothing more bargainesque than an overcoat for under £10, and a good one at that! Often you will find heavy but cheap nylon knits that have a slightly shiny feel to them, from some unknown brand, but every now and again you will stumble upon a gem. Perhaps a wool mix from River Island or a Jaeger mac.One of my best finds was an Oasis large rolled collar cardigan coat in a chunky grey and black messy check, it has been my firm friend. Recently my boyfriend spilled some sort of car fluid on it in his boot, I was upset, but I wasn’t distraught. After all I had worn it to death over 3 years and it only cost me £8. Ironically, clothes can be a little more disposable when you have bought them from a charity shop. I have however held on to this in the vain hope that I will find something that will remove the stain, or until the coat itself becomes dirty enough to envelope it, set back by the fact that I washed it…

I popped into Sue Ryder Care on George Street after work today praying that the little Warehouse cropped heavy knit jacket would still be there, £8.95, labels still attached. I couldn’t afford it on Saturday and so had to come back after pay day. After finding it, I went for a brief look around the shop to see if there was anything new that hadn’t been there on Saturday. Lo and behold! Kookai deep brown double breasted over coat, pin strip design heavy knit, gorgeous, smart… £6. You could have scraped me off the ceiling!


I was especially pleased with these seeing as I just donated a pale pink mac on the basis that I haven’t worn it in 4 years. The warehouse jacket was just as delightful, jackets are big this season, I see people wearing them everywhere. This one has hooks rather than buttons which can put people off but it does mean that it doesn’t overlap at the middle, making it more slimline, especially in a chunky knit. Jackets can be used to smarten up a simple top and jeans. They are much smaller to carry around than a coat which in this unpredictable weather is very useful. A cropped jacket will draw attention to the waist, and a fitted jacket will nip in and cover any muffin top worries that you may have. You can often pick up jackets for around £4-5. I got a gorgeous navy blue Zara jacket for £4.35 (usually 69.99) and have worn it to death, to the point where I have repaired the lining.



Looking massively awkward in my bargains!!!

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