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Go West!

As promised, today I ventured to the west end of Union Street on my forays for good quality bargains in Aberdeen’s charity shops.

The weather was a mixed bag today, incredibly heavy showers separated by somewhat drier periods that were still not sunny, it appears that summer really isn’t going to venture this far up, therefore take my references to summer fabrics and prints with a pinch of salt, a girl can dream.

Between showers I picked my way up to Barnados. This is one of my favourite charity shops, not just for the donations but also it’s presentation and merchandising. In fact, when the day was done and I was negotiating my way back down Union street between showers, they had changed the window display to include the two LK Bennet dresses I had photographed earlier – you’re going to have to be quick ladies! It has a beautiful black chandelier in the window, well presented stands and the clothes are gathered into colour groups (this usually irritates me but they do it here in such a way that every rail looks like a collection).


The main problem with colour grouping is that you have to search harder to find pieces in your size. However, given the mindset of those who shop in charity shops, they are already willing to search, it most likely increases the amount of traffic items get. People cannot just stick to their supposed size range and may be tempted to try things in a size up or size down, after all it is well documented that a woman’s dress size can vary wildly between shops!


I tried this one on as it was closer to my usual style, I don’t really do flowers. I like structured shapes in my patterns just as much as I like them in my clothing styles.

It is no secret that I HATE vintage clothing. I find it over priced and often you can only wear it if you’re thin and can pull off a particularly eclectic style. When I go searching in charity shops I am searching for pieces that are not only current but that are classic. If you go through my wardrobe (That will be another post later in the week) you will see charity shop bargains going back 6 or 7 years. Some things just never go out of style. Fashion is a fickle creature, whereas style is much more dependable. As everyone knows we are currently recycling the fashions of era’s gone past, and this makes charity shops even more appealing. Last year leather was a ‘trend’ and according to this month’s Marie Claire it is a major player in this years “Fall” collections (more on that later in the week).

This brings me on to my next dress nicely…


I’m not sure how many seasons have seen 60s styles be ‘on trend’ but it is a lot, and frankly I can’t see it falling out of favour any time soon. I can just imagine the above accessorised with a massive beehive or gorgeous bun perched high on someone’s head and they would look fabulous.




Some people couldn’t bring themselves to buy shoes from a charity shop. The fact that someone else wore them is too much for them to bare. However I say just pick up an antibacterial spray, usually used to eradicate foot odour, and Bob’s you’re uncle Fanny’s you’re slightly rude aunt! Personally I pick up a lot of shoes from charity shops. I have bought Next sandals, Aldo peep toes and Office court shoes, all barely worn, all mine for around £6-10 depending on condition.

In fact, said Office courts were purchased today (£9.99) along with a pair of Topshop red trousers for £4.95. The shoes had barely been touched, gorgeous ballet point style toe, thin stiletto (I do not understand the obsession with the chunky heel) and just the right amount of platform. The trousers were an epic find. All too often people insist on only dark colours for trousers, true you need to have a bit of confidence to pull them off, but a bright trouser will earn you more respect than a bright top ever will. I plan to team with the cream Oasis top that I bought last week, some Dune nude slingbacks and let the trousers do the talking. £15 for the below is an absolute bargain.


So ladies, I hope I have inspired you! This was not all I found on my travels today by a long shot! I will be incorporating more of my finds in posts later this week including party dresses and how to do a current trend charity style.

I shall also be updating my Twitter page when I find a bargain then and there – location, size and price will all be mentioned. Follow me @meggiemaie or #Aberdeen #Thrifty will also get you to my list of bargains.


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