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It’s a wrap!

When charity shop shopping (Which always sounds to me like part of the QuikFit song “You can’t get better than a Charity shop shopper, we’re the ones to trust!” Damn it! I think I just found my National anthem! Now to design a flag…. and then post it inappropriately on someone else’s blog) Sorry, tangent… So yes, when charity shop shopping, when you find something gorgeous, and it’s in your size, it’s like fate stepped in, the satisfaction you feel is empowering. No longer should you have to wrestle with yourself at the till: “Can I afford it? Do I really need another wrap dress? What will my husband/boyfriend/’guy that I cook and clean for but I’m not sure why’ think?” Now you can say to yourself: “It’s only £5.50, and that £5.50 is going to charity”, “You can never have too many wrap dresses!” and “It’s fate, there’s only one here, and it’s in my size, thank you Goddess of Shopping!” 

Yesterday I located a number of gorgeous wrap dresses, all in the size 12-16 range. Wrap dresses are fantastic for curvy girls, who often have a great rack (Jealous! Wrap dresses on me just show off literally my chest and any small pimples I may have thereon). The deep V neck line shows off a killer cleavage, the wrap detail gathers around the waist pulling everything in and highlights those curves, and often a jersey type fabric will skim the hips covering any lumps and bumps. Longer styles are elegant and will show off skinny ankles. Match with a pair of high high heels and knock them dead!



Wrap dresses of are often very versatile in their style. If you have somewhere to go afterwork but don’t want to spend the evening in a shirt and skirt try a wrap dress. Kitten heels and a smart jacket will keep it demure, switch to bigger heels for the evening and a big necklace. Bish bash bosh!







If you think that you won’t find clothes in bigger sizes in charity shops you are wrong! Shelter on George street has a whole section dedicated to size 18+ and it is often overflowing. I found an Elena Miro dress (A designer who only makes clothing for sizes 12-22 inspired by the fuller Mediterranean figure, her catwalk collections are beautiful!) in a size 20. It was worn by a model for a fashion shoot and nothing else, then donated to the new Bethany shop on George St. This is a new charity shop that has a really clean look, I actually thought it was another high street retail store from the outside, amazingly presented and their staff are delightful.

All the items below were found In British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen




I shall also be updating my Twitter page when I find a bargain then and there – location, size and price will all be mentioned. Follow me @meggiemaie or #Aberdeen #Thrifty will also get you to my list of bargains.


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