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Marie Claire: Get the look for less, for even less.

I must apologise for the delay on this post. I keep promising and nothing happens, but please don’t think of me as a bad boyfriend who hasn’t taken out the bin yet. WordPress let me down in the first instance by losing all my work, twice. I am surprised my laptop made it through the rage. It does, however, run a little slower than on Tuesday now.

The second reason is that I dislocated my knee and had to go to A&E…
Receptionist: What is your injury?
Me: Hyper extended knee
Receptionist: And how did you sustain the injury?
Me: *smirk* Long jump… I’m not winning Britain any golds…
Before laughing like a mad woman, partly at my own joke, and partly at the ridiculousness of the situation.


So, down to business. The other day I bought Marie Claire and had a flick through while having a coffee at Cafe Nero and waiting for the rain to stop. I had a flick through their trends and collections, which are often designer pieces peppered with stylish high street finds, and then I thought to myself, I wonder if I can match these trends from charity shops.

Trend One: Femme Fatale


“She’s polished, poised and never underdressed. This look is about pencil skirts, strong silouettes and, of course, a killer heel.”

One small blurb mentions “The Power Cape: Sharp and super chic, a crisp cut cape is the coolest cover up. Dress in monochrome for the soignee look.”

Behold, the power cape


Trend Two: Country Girl


“Cosy tweeds, earthy colours and plenty of rustic references are all remixed and re-worked by our rural-loving girl.”

Tweed is always in style for Autumn/Winter, just pick a cut that suits your shape in a classic style and trust me, you will be able to pluck it from the back of your wardrobe at the end of every August and feel stylish.


Trend Three: Leather

This theme runs throughout the magazine, there is 12 page spread on designer leather fashion alone. Don’t bother to pick yourself up some cheap copy cat pleather from the highstreet, it is a waste of money. Start your search now and find yourself a genuine leather piece from a charity shop. There is no better place to pick up this fabric, the value for money is unbeatable, but you have to search for a good cut. It may take you weeks to find a great item. True there will be massive shapeless leather jackets from the 80s in the rails and if you buy these, it will not to be to wear it intact, these are great as a cheap way of picking up leather fabric and using your haberdashery skills to bring a leather twist to another garment.


And now for my piece de resistance:


Great cut pencil dress in leather, accessorise with court shoes, I would go for a block simple colour, either more black, nude or possibly orange for a quirky style NOT RED! I don’t like red and black together, far too trampy especially when you include leather, and keep your legs bare or nude, no tights, it will look too heavy.

So finally those are my looks for less, for even less. Don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter where I will post up my bargain hunting in real time, mostly occurs at weekends due to the pesky nature of working full time – @meggiemaie.


6 thoughts on “Marie Claire: Get the look for less, for even less.

  1. Great idea- and loving that leather dress you found – bargain! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a similar one round here, but there are far too many trendy wendies in my patch who would probably snaffle it before I get there!

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