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Painless Hair removal? I’ll believe it when I see it… in approximately 5 days apparently

OK so this is absolutely nothing to do with charity shopping, but in theory it is to do with looking fabulous for less, or it would be if I hadn’t already spent a fortune on waxing, epilators, razors and hair removal cream.

I have acquired an IPL system, otherwise known as intense pulsed light. It is meant to be the home remedy to laser treatment, intense pulses of light, the heat of which is absorbed by the hair follicles of dark hair on light skin, damaging it permanently and inhibiting hair growth, making the hair grow through finer and eventually stopping some hairs growing all together.

I would like to blog about this treatment as they cost between £300 and £450 a unit and I would like to help people out if they are considering buying one of these, it’s a lot of money, but it would probably be less than the cumulative amount you would spend hair removal over the course of a lifetime. I have the Viss IPL system but you can also get two Phillips Lumea types and there are a few other manufacturers. In fact the Viss one was one of the less well known ones. The Lumea is cordless, whereas the Viss Bulb is connnected to the power unit by a lead.

You have to shave first in order the get the best out of the treatment as you only want to damage the hair beneath the skin, which means that it is preferable to be hairless for the treatment to work, unlike waxing where you have the spend a large amount of time being hairy, and the ingrown hairs afterwards are horrendous.

I did my first treatment yesterday. It took 10 minutes per lower leg as the flash bulb has to buffer for a few seconds between pulses. The unit has a fan (louder than expected) in order to dissipate the heat generated by the bulb. You have some awesome 70s style shades to wear (not unlike welding…) and the treatment has a very slight sting to each pulse due to the heat emitted. However nothing like the pain of waxing or epilating. It should take 3-5 days for the damaged hairs to drop out once the follicle has been lulled into the ‘sleep’ phase of growth and damaged.

I’ll keep you updated on progress, and the performance of this unit. There have been some reports that the Viss unit loses power over about 6 months that cannot be retrieved even with the change of the bulb cartridge, so that will prove to be of some interest to monitor this unit too. Currently the bulb flashes light up the entire room, hence the 70s shades, but one woman said that after 6 months even on full, the bulb barely flashed and the treatment stopped working.



This is what the unit looks like.


3 thoughts on “Painless Hair removal? I’ll believe it when I see it… in approximately 5 days apparently

  1. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was
    extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for beginner blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

  2. Hello there! Well it’s lovely to hear that you’re enjoying my blog! I have been doing my blog since July and I aim to post every day, this requires a lot of forethought, pre planning, and having a stock of blog posts. It takes a lot of time. The main reason that I am able to do this is that I love what I write about, your blog is first and foremost for you. Don’t write it for anybody else, keep your passion alive for whatever it is your are writing about, and on’t punish yourself if you feel like you’re not being a well-behaved blogger, i.e. you’re not tweeting, pintresting, facebooking and blogging 24/7. Truth is, the only people that can do that are the professionals, it’s what they pay themselves for! The main thing is interesting content. I have made a point of not buying myself a fancy camera because I feel like some bloggers rely on just sticking photo’s out there, and anyone can do that. I don’t want to rely on my camera, I started my blog because I have something to say about something that I am passionate about, fashion and being thrifty, so it would be a very sad state of affairs if I stopped saying things and just started posting photographs. I believe, from what I have read, that the things that keep people coming back again and again to a small blog like mine and yours is the quality of writing. Leave the fuzzy fashion photographs to the professionals and just enjoy what you write about, and enjoy writing it. Don’t shy away from controversy because often people like to read something that gives them something to think about, and don’t worry too much about your stats. Just keep doing what you do and enjoy and the readers will come, and even if they don’t, it’s much better to have a small group of dedicated readers who enjoy what you write, than a large number of people who just glance over your pages.

    There, a huge response! And I’m sorry you lost your first comment. It’s always nice to hear from someone who enjoys what I’ve done. Best of luck with your blog and I’ll check it out myself 🙂 xxx

  3. Oh and just one other thing, make sure your grammar and spelling are good, otherwise it puts people off. The odd typo is fine (mine is probably littered), but proof reading to make sure what you’ve said makes sense in the smallest possible space is always a good idea 🙂

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