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Working your work wear

The weekend just passed I popped up to Inverness to catch up with a few friends over my birthday weekend, and to fit in a spot of charity shopping with my glamorous assistant…


Back in October 2011 I started a new job in an office which required me to move back to Aberdeen from Inverness. Previous to this I had always worked in retail, and not the ‘women’s fashion’ kind, but in the outdoors industry, selling walking boots, waterproofs and the like. You are not particularly well received if you are wearing girly fashionable clothes, people think that you won’t know what you;re talking about because you clearly looked in the mirror for longer than 10 seconds. Make-up marks you out as a dolly bird, apparently…

I had always wanted to work in an office ever since school. I wanted to wear the pencil skirts and pussy bow blouses (as you can imagine the arrival of Mad Men was something of a revelation for me). I have always had a thing for shoes, and the opportunity to legitimately  wear 3″ stilettos every day was met with euphoria.

I was so excited when I got the job, and I still wake up every day excited to go to work (I am writing this on my lunch break). This excitement is partly down to my job, but also partly due to being able to pick an outfit each morning, match my shoes, put my make up on and curl my hair. As the only woman, I look forward to striding in to the office every day and showing those boys how it is done, although it has been more like limping and shuffling over the past few days.

This career change presented me with a predicament. 5 years of working in baggy cargo pants, t-shirts and hoody’s had left me with no reason to ever go near a pencil skirt apart from lust alone, and I pretty much had nothing to wear. I wasn’t exactly flush, how on earth was I going to come about a whole new wardrobe within my one month’s notice and more importantly within one month’s wages. You guessed it… Charity shops!

With this in my, here are my pick of dresses, shirts and shoes suitable for work:




I have said here that they were too small – I meant they were too big… goodness know’s what went wrong there, honestly! I mean, goodness!!!!




And let’s not forget the shoes. Shoes for work can be zaney, but you have to be careful about people’s expectations. Everyone in my office knows that I am all about the shoes. People actually look forward to seeing what shoe’s I will be wearing and are shocked if I roll out the same pair two days in a row. With this in mind when you start out with shoes, keep them classic and as comfortable as possible, one you get used to them, or people get used to you in them, then you can go for a flowery sling back with a giant bow!

I still contest that huge platforms are a no no for work, and they simple court is coming back around one again. Forever elegant.




So comfy, and still elegant. Perfect for if you accidentally dislocate your knee while performing long jump.


Morvy in her Faith court shoes that she found, she bought these naturally – you’d be out of your mind not to!

And finally a picture of me shopping… In the immortal character of Samantha from SATC ‘I have a broken knee, not a broken spirit!”



7 thoughts on “Working your work wear

  1. Oh shut up Hector Mactavish. Stop showing yourself up you twassock. Take your negativity and right your own blog about the hardship of being arrogant.

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