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Mrs Grant’s 50 Shades of Gray


Welcome to the home of the fabulous Mrs Grant, a beautiful converted country farm house in the middle of the Aberdeenshire countryside. With a sweeping wooded drive eventually opening out into large lawns, on which the gazebo sits, it is a countryside paradise. The gravel area outside the front with its beautiful flowers and patio furniture has a feel of the Riviera about it. A stylish interior of solid hard wood furniture and deep red rich soft furnishings, she knows exactly what she wants, and exactly how it should look, that is, until it comes to her wardrobe. Like so many women she has many clothes but still feels that she has nothing to wear.

Today I visited  with the intent of helping to sort out some of the confusion that she feels towards her wardrobe. We wanted to join up the various personalities therein and come out with something that allows her to flow between her duties as successful career woman in the oil industry right through to wife and mother to Mischa the cat.

It is important to have your wardrobe work for you, you should never have to bend to accommodate your wardrobe. So if you don’t go out that often, try not to spend to much money buying a throng of evening outfits. If you don’t work in an office then do not buy hoards of trouser suits. You may long for certain items of clothing, but if you don’t have room for them in your life, buy them at your peril.

The predicament for Mrs Grant is her job, she works in an office for most of the time, but sometimes she needs to visit the warehouse (not the place for a pencil dress) and these visits are often unscheduled. And then there is the predicament faced by many of Aberdeen’s inner city parking shortage. This means that she has a 15 minute walk each way to her car, not something to be undertaken in heels!

She would love to wear her dresses in the office, but a walk in trainers is not particularly stylish, and doesn’t set you up well for a day of sashaying around the office. With this in mind today she picked up a pair of comfy Mary-Jane style flats for the commute from The Blue Door charity shop in Bieldside for just £1. This will allow her to keep a couple of pairs of heels at the office to change in to.

As the title suggests, Mrs Grant has a penchant for grey. Dusky grey, purple grey, bluish grey, bright grey, dark grey. You name it, she has it. Grey can be a safe option for office wear, less harsh than black but still safe and smart. The beauty of grey is that it can be paired with bright colours. Before we ventured out to the shops we picked through her wardrobe to find things that need to be donated and others that can stay and just need to be viewed a little differently.

The donations:


She is the proud owner of a gorgeous dusky grey drape blazer that goes with everything, every pencil dress, all of her trousers and skirts. It can be paired with white long sleeved T’s just as well as with fuchsia vest tops. She also has a lovely pair of red slim leg trousers bought whilst on honeymoon in Columbia, an unusual injection of colour! But how to join the two sides?

One of the things that I suggested she should buy in order to join up her more bright items of clothing with her many shades of grey was a cream cardigan or jumper, a colour that compliments almost any skin tone (Mrs Grant currently being very tanned) and the colour of almost any item of clothing you pair it with.

So look what we found in Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland in Cults:


Hobbs cream jumper, size 10, £14.50 Chest Heart Stroke Scotland, Cults, Aberdeen. Now I must say right now that this is an expensive charity shop. The ratio of designer labels is huge due to the very rich contingent that lives around this area. It is one of the most exclusive postcodes in Aberdeen, the houses are huge and very well tended.  The the prices here are London prices.


She also lamented as to her lack of jackets, as these are the easiest way to inject some zing into your work wardrobe. This red military style jacket by Asos (via The Blue Door charity shop,, Bieldside) size 12 £3 will be perfect going into Autumn/Winter. Red paired with grey is much more stylish than paired with black in my opinion, black can be a little harsh and is considered an easy option.

She also picked up a gorgeous olive bright green A-line shift dress, a grass green jumper which compliments the colour of the dress perfectly.

These were not the only items found and there will be another post later this week collating the huge array of designer items in the West End of Aberdeen.


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