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How much is too much in the name of Charity?

This weekend I decided to ramp my search for designer bargains in Aberdeen.
I headed to the west end, specifically the exclusive suburb of Cults. This is one of the
most prestigious post codes in Aberdeen. Everywhere there are Porche’s, BMW 4×4’s, Range Rovers and Maseratti’s to name but a few. Huge granite houses with manicured lawns, and gravel drives sit either side of tree lined streets. This valley is the beginning of Royal Deeside, and the river Dee stretches into the distance, lazily meandering between Golf courses and arable farm land.

Due to the wealthy population in this area I knew that the charity shops would be a veritable gold mine. We had a delicious lunch in the Cults cafe, perusing Aberdeen’s free “Trend” magazine which advertises local businesses and events. It really show cases what Aberdeen has to offer. After some inspiration we headed to Chest, Heart, Stroke Scotland, a new charity shop on Cults high street.


It has a real boutique feel to it, the walls are filled with displays, show casing the best of their vintage products. Some of the items, like the gorgeous vintage suitcases, are not for sale and are merely there to add to the decor and atmosphere.


The boutique feel is maintained with very much boutique prices. These guys have capitalised on the fantastic donations that they receive here and decided to get as much as they can from their unqiue position. As much as I can appreciate that it will be good for business to make as much money as possible, I did find that with some items they may very well have priced themselves out of the market. It’s not often I claim to not be able to afford something in a charity shop!


These shoes were £28, despite having some damage and being quite well worn! I would expect to be able to pick up a new pair in the sale for not much more than this.


On having checked the Tony Bianco website, a lot of their shoes are priced at around $180, which when you consider the exchange rate right now would put these worn shoes at about 25% of the new price. I know from other shops that they will only ever charge 25% of the new price if the item still has it’s labels on.

Speaking of the “BNWT” policy:


This bag was £23. Yes it still had labels, but on viewing the Suzy Smith website, a lot of the bags around this size and style were only £45 new.


This Jane Shilton bag may have been in good condition but they wanted £45 for it, a similar style bag on the website would cost you £69.


These shoes were better value but still at £15.95 they were double the price I would expect to pay in the city centre.


Betty Barclay Bag, again not fair off 50% of new price.


On checking the Day website, over coats go for £350 and upwards, £75 is more than you could pick up a decent priced coat on the high street. Once of the reasons I rate charity shopping is to reduce our consumer appetite for new products and encourage recycling, and these prices do not do that!

The one designer bargain that I found in this shop was a pair of Gina shoes, They obviously did not realise the price of these new (around £450 upwards – I popped in the Gina Store on Sloane Street when in London recently and their sale prices were £275 and up).


For my own Super Saturday of bargain hunting I decided to put a bit of designer effort into my outfit. I was wearing my DVF Zalda dress, £70 (ex sample) and H&M blazer bought last weekend (I’m a bit obsessed with red at the moment)

Now we did visit another charity shop just up the road with many designer goods also, but this charity shop was a little different. I shall dedicate a new post to that one tomorrow!

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