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Leather is in Vogue


This week I am going to dedicate a post each day to the style of Vogue and how to replicate it using style savvy from Aberdeen’s charity shops.

September’s Vogue claims to be “The Biggest Fashion Issue Ever” and they were not wrong. It is one of the thickest editions I have ever seen, and though people may claim that it’s just “full of adverts” I personally still see the adverts as a source of inspiration for style. They are after all still recent images of current fashion and style.


So I would like to dedicate some time to the trends that are included therein and show that you do not have to buy a current high street item in order to look like you keep abreast of the trends. Indeed I have always championed style over fashion, and what is a more constant icon of style than Vogue.

Firstly, I would like to revisit the trend of leather, a huge look for this season as you can see by previous Marie Claire coverage (look back through some of my last posts – ) and the advert above which is laden with sultry leather looks.


World of leather – Go hell for leather this season in edgy or lady like cuts that are soft as silk


This green jacket matches several of the trends on page 243 where green has a huge presence, it was found in “The Blue Door” Bieldside, Aberdeen. Many of the items on that page are upwards of £2000, and leather on the high street can cost you several hundred £s upwards. So to me it makes sense that this is the fabric to recycle. It is quite simply the best value fabric that you can buy from charity shops.


This jacket is oversized, another key trend for this season, wrap up with a thick belt to give it shape volume left over around the shoulders and hips will give the illusion of a smaller waist, this was found in Chest, Heart Stroke Scotland, Cults. Leather is of course natually weather resistant and so makes this fabric one of the most practical too.

I am still hunting for my leather bargains ahead of autumn winter, I thought I had stumbled upon a true gem at the weekend, but sadly a vintage size 10 is not the size 10 of today and I was simply too fat for this garment. More on that tomorrow! I can hardly wait!


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