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My new beau – Mr VISS – Will he deliver or disappoint?

This is just a brief lunch time post as to how it is all going with my new beau Mr VISS, and whether he is fulfilling all of his promises.

Now, like all men, it would appear that he is taking his time to fulfill his end of the bargain, and he hasn’t done it properly when he has gotten around to it. For those of you unfamiliar with my blog, Mr VISS is actually an IPL hair removal system that promises pain free permanent hair reduction through intense pulses of light, designed to burn the follicles and cause permanent damage, affecting re-growth. “Nasty!” you may be thinking, however this isn’t a domestic abuse relationship with Mr VISS, he promises to do all this pain free hair removal because it is the dark root that absorbs the heat while my pale white British skin repels the light.

My first treatment was Tuesday 7/8/12, and the shedding of hair is meant to take around 5 days after this. It would appear that Mr VISS has only gotten rid of the hair around my ankles… despite me treating my lower legs in their entirety, my arm pits and my bikini line – you would have thought he would have paid extra attention to that…!

The treatments are meant to be once every 2 weeks for the first 3 treatments, then monthly after that, until you only have to use it when necessary.

I have read comments from a few people that said that the first treatment was much less successful than the second. I am also wondering if in fact I had not shaved well enough before hand (my razor was a little blunt), and this treatment is quite nice in the fact that you need to have shaved first, otherwise the grown hair detracts the heat and light from the root where it is required.

So tonight, I shall buy myself a new pack of Bic razors, classy! (I always lose the Venus handle) And I shall make sure that I am completely super smooth before my second treatement next Tuesday with my big 70s shades.

For all of you charity shop bargain hunter types that are very upset that I’m bleating on about my body hair as oppose to discussing designer bargains, there will be a Vogue inspired post tonight – the first of a series of 3 this week!


One thought on “My new beau – Mr VISS – Will he deliver or disappoint?

  1. Nice to know you are all neat and tidy, i do wonder that about all the bloggers i read. Glad that question is sorted. Carry on!

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