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Leather – It’s so nice, I write about it twice

Leather skirts – they’re everywhere! I think we can probably thank 50 shades of Gray for the influx of leather in to this season’s collections, aside from the fact that it usually makes at least a small appearance every Autumn/Winter Season


So following on from yesterday’s assertions that Leather is the fabric du jour,    Leather is in Vogue, I was pleasantly surprised to find a vintage fitted leather pencil skirt – another find in Chest Heart Stroke Scotland – that place really is a treasure trove, provided you have a little extra cash than normal.


This was a gorgeous vintage calf length fitted pencil skirt. Button detail on the front makes it a little more contemporary, ironically! At £30 this is still a steal by comparison to what this would cost you new. You can tell it’s vintage because it’s labelled as a size 10, and this did not fit me, not even close. I am a 10 in pretty much every high street store, but this was made back in the days when we were thinner, before sizes were expanded in order to massage our collapsing egos.

I struggled to get it over my hips with the zip completely undone. However, have no fear, I did manage to take a fairly respectable picture to show what this would look like had it fitted.


Please excuse the questionable choice of footwear, but I am still an invalid. It was stunning and I am still very upset that I am not a size 6-8, I would sacrifice the rest of my wardrobe for this.

I would pair this skirt with a simple white shirt and black leather heels. I would also love to wear this to work, however it would be a question of whether I would dare.



4 thoughts on “Leather – It’s so nice, I write about it twice

  1. Leather skirts? Shit what planet are you on? This is 2012 for Christ sake! My wife had a skirt like that back in 1974, and she could get it over her hips, not like you ye heffer.

  2. Who on earths name is Hector MacTavish? What planet is HE living on? Doesn’t he see leather is very much in vogue and everyone is wearing it……..obviously Mr MacTavish is from the dark ages! Pay no attention to his ramblings.

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