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The rise of the LBJ – Little Black Jacket

September’s Vogue has this item titled “Show Stopper”. Whilst that may seem like they have become a little over-excited by the prospect of the LBJ, I definitely agree with them that this is a very reliable wardrobe staple. “Reliable?!” I hear you question with disdain. I know that reliability and style don’t often go hand in hand in fashion magazines, but when you think about it, the classics have always been there for us; the LBD, the thin stiletto heel, the boot cut jeans. These items come around again and again and again, always considered the epitome of style, always reliable.


Forget the LBD, Chanel’s little black jacket is the forever piece that we are applauding right now.

What better item is there to throw on over a cocktail dress at the end of an evening, especially as the nights begin to draw in. This item can be relied upon (there I go again) to be paired with a shift dress for work when a jacket would be just too cumbersome. How about dressing up your favourite boot cut jeans and a white t-shirt for a cinema visit at the last minute, an LBJ would take you from slightly slouchy to slightly sexy in seconds.

I have picked up two LBJ’s recently, one pre-Vogue purchase and one post-Vogue. The first has already been mentioned, but it is so perfect that I need to mention it again.


A heavy knit LBJ will warm you in summer without bulk, it will be casual enough for work and dressy enough for an evening. I am loving the cropped style here.

My next jacket was post-Vogue. This is slightly more dressy and will be confined to evening wear alone:


This cropped velvet jacket with cropped sleeves was an unbelievable bargain at £2.50, found in The Blue Door Charity shop. It will slip over almost all of my cocktail dresses as a little something to keep me warm and also add interest. The neck line is so simple that it will not encroach on the detail of a dress. Velvet is a fabric which exudes luxury and is the icing on the cake of any evening outfit.

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