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A Vintage Purse for approximately £9.437

Today’s foray into Inverness was very fruitful, but unfortunately I appear to have left my camera in the last charity shop I visited, which means that posts may be a little thin on the ground this week! *Sad Face*

One of the fruits that we plucked from the charity shop tree today, by we I refer to myself and my Glamorous Assistant, was a vintage beaded purse in a glorious cream colour. It nestled quietly in a box at the back of the Blytheswood Care shop, Inverness, and was priced at £10 – which was later found to be discounted to £9.433…


Let me explain. This divine purse has a label inside which states that it was designed by Contessa Francesca and hand made and stitched in Hong Kong. Upon further research, this appears to be a vintage 1960’s purse, made in Hong Kong when it was part of the British Empire and the best bead work in the world emanated from this tiny island. Not much information is available on the designer herself, but the story that this is a vintage item is very much corroborated by my Glamorous Assistant locating a shilling coin inside the purse once she had returned home.

A shilling coin was converted to a 5p coin when the conversion to decimalisation occured. According to the Royal Mint Museum, one of these coins would be worth around 57.3p in today’s money, hence her purse actually costing her £9.437. Even without this ‘discount’ the craftsmanship on this item is worth £10 of any body’s money. It is stunning, and despite it’s pale colour, is in fantastic condition.

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