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Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

OK, so I’m not getting married but it covered all bases and I’m not picky, this rhyme succinctly covers a couple of points about charity shops:

  • When you are charity shopping, everyone knows that what you are buying has been owned by someone else before you, whether actually worn or not is another matter. This is recycling at it’s most fabulous. So that covers the “something old” part.
  • “Something new” is because it is a new acquisition to you, for you to enjoy and cherish more than the last person did.
  • “Something borrowed” is covered by the fact that it is a donation – when you have donated you may have been asked if you wanted to participate in Gift Aid, and you have to sign a form. This is a system whereby the charity can claim back the tax on an item. Now this is because technically the charity shop is selling something on behalf of someone else (so not really borrowed, but almost) and donations of goods for sale do not qualify for gift aid, only gifts of money qualify. So the charity asks you to sign the form because you are donating the funds raised by the selling of your donation, and they can raise an extra 25p per £1. Does that make sense? It just goes to show the kind of hoops that Charities have to go through to be as successful for their chosen cause as possible.
  • Now that’s the boring technicality of charity out of the way, it’s time for my “something blue”!

Despite being a bit skint before pay day, as happens to us all, I went out charity shopping anyway. Mainly because I need to gather enough stuff to keep me going for 6 posts on my blog, but also because I love a good browse. The only problem is that the weekends I have the least money is the time that I find the best bargains. I remember my mum once saying to me that “It’s only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway, otherwise it’s just an unnecessary expense.”

I hold on to that thought tightly when shopping because it seems silly to buy something just for the sake of it, and whether it was reduced or not, you still spent money. Happily my three purchases of the weekends were all things that I had been searching for. Unhappily this means that I won’t be popping out for a drink in the pub this week before Friday, but you can’t have everything.

Some of you may be aware of my assertions that jackets are where it is at this season ( The Duchess of Cambridge is always wearing a smart jacket, I feel it lifts an outfit up a notch. I only used to own 2 jackets, but now I am the proud owner of 5.

My fourth jacket was bought at Blytheswood Care, Academy Street, Inverness. This shop has some wonderful donations and I will delve in to them in a later post. It was in this store that I found my gorgeous Hobbs pale blue jacket:


Hobbs jackets are normally between £140 to £190, a long way out of my price range. I picked up this pale blue linen beauty for £10. The cut is something else, again a slightly shorter style with longer sleeves.

So that sums up my purchase for the weekend. I did also get a little DNKY gold clutch with the DNKY apple logo on it. I thought it was really lovely and a bit of a bargain at £6. However once I researched it a bit when I got home it turns out that it was a freebie with the DNKY Golden Delicious perfume – doesn’t stop me loving it though!


So although it may not have been as much of a bargain as I thought it was, it was all in the name of charity.


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