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SATCs Sparkly Sandals

Thank you to my Glamorous Assistant for sending me my photo’s form the weekend! She is currently liaising with my boyfriend for a hand-over of said camera. They have yet to decide on a code word, however balaclavas, baseball bats and late night rendez-vouz in an industrial estate have been arranged.

Short and sweet tonight ladies! Now, we all remember the stolen Manolo’s in Sex and the City where Carrie attends the birthday party of her friends baby with Stamford. Gorgeous silver peep toes with a sparkly buckle on the front. Well, these are not quite Manolo’s, but they are very reminiscent of that style:


These were found in Oxfam in Inverness, and it was very difficult for me to leave these in the shop! However, given my current knee situation I don’t think I need to add to my 56 strong stiletto collection for some time. The strap across the toe was a velvet and lace fabric with this beautiful round sparkly buckle in the middle à la the famous stolen Manolo’s:


They secure with an ankle strap, a feature that is on the up this season as it gives off a conservative image:


Some girls need to approach the ankle strap with caution:

  • If you have ‘thick ankles’ for want of a better way of putting it, an ankle strap will highlight this
  • If you have short legs, the ankle strap will cut them off early, rather than giving the illusion that the leg extends all the way to the toes
  • If you are wearing a mid length skirt, an ankle strap will again seem to cut off the leg and make you appear shorter

Ankle straps can be good:

  • If you have thicker calves, your ankle is the slimmest part of you and the strap will draw attention to this slim joint.
  • They can add a conservative edge to a higher hemline
  • The practicalities of being able to walk better in a shoe with an ankle strap are obvious. No one looks worse than a girl who can’t walk in her shoes!

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