Eat Fabulous for Less

Quick post today as I will out galavanting in St Andrews, searching for designer bargains in one of the wealthiest Scottish towns, the home of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William while they studied at the University.

One of my other favourite hobbies, if you can call it that, other than finding bargains in charity shops, is finding bargains in Super Markets. Whereas charity shops are for a good cause, Super Markets have got a reputation for being profit machines at the expense of everyone, dairy farmers, local produce merchandisers and the public. It seems that only if business is already big, will it get bigger.

I love to rummage in the reduced sections, this means that the shop has had to slash it’s profit margin in order to sell the goods. I am wary of BOGOF offers as a lot of these can be proven to have an inflated RRP in order to justify the ‘saving’. Reduced sections represent a much more honest bargain in my opinion.

Bargains galore!

I bought the BLT to take to work on the Friday – £0.90 is a cheap lunch and I always make a point of taking food with me, be it a microwave meal or a reduced sandwich. Buying your lunch every day is the quickest way to watch your bank balance evaporate and to be frank I have better things to spend my money on! Spending £5 a day on coffee, lunch and possibly something for breakfast too is the equivalent to smoking 20 a day, and I bet some of your scoff at the expense of smoking. I would rather take myself out for a cocktail every evening after work than pay for lunch and a coffee, and you could do both for the same expense, but one seems a lot more decadent than the other!

There are lots of ways to save money and paying less for your food is one of them. I know the title of this post might seem a little misleading as the stuff I have bought here is by no means the way to treat your body like a temple but it is quick easy and much better quality then if you spent that amount on the food had it been it’s RRP.


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