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Bon Voyage –

Thank god I am back in the world of the internet connection! Just in time to write a late night post on what I think looks good when travelling.

For me, the luxury of travel still hasn’t worn off. I always see the romantic in a train journey or the decadent in air travel, the airport is a place to be stylish, not slovenly. While others may want to complete a 4 hour flight in matching velour top and bottoms, I prefer to swan around in a overly romantic world of James Bond films and Grace Kelly glamour. I prefer it this way, it makes me happier. Security is not so much an inconvenient queue so much as a really long and slow moving Catwalk.

A dress caught my eye while I was browsing in Blytheswood Care, Inverness last weekend with my glamorous assistant. At first it didn’t look like much, but it seemed to carry with it an air of old school glamour, perfect for a day of travel through airports to some far off warm and hazy location, filled with balconies, warm breezes and chilled wine.

Simon Ellis, peplum style, drop waist-ed dress, size 10, £10, Blytheswood Care, Academy Street, Inverness

You may look at this and think “How grey, how dowdy, how boring!” but it seemed to allude to an older school conservative glamour, that may be witnessed on the Stella Artois ‘Cidre’ adverts for example. I loved it even more when I put it on. The white piping gave off a nautical air and the fabric hung in delightful waves.

Simon Ellis dress, drop waist-ed peplum style detail.

I cannot find much on the Simon Ellis brand on the internet to give an idea of the RRP of this garment, but it felt to be very good quality. It was not overly fitted, but this seemed to fit with the drop waist-ed style which is a very retro type of styling. It had a heavier collar which I felt made my shoulders look more delicate and all in all felt very lady-like. Perfect for swanning through the airport on my way to Malta with the girls as I have planned in October this year. All I do know about Simon Ellis is that it appears to have one boutique in London, addressed 66-68 Margaret Street, W1W 8SR

66-68 Margaret Street, W1W 8SR – which runs parallel to Oxford Street and comes directly off Regent Street, so quite posh I can deduce!

Unfortunately I decided to leave this little gem in the store as it’s not exactly a style that I would wear all the time, and to buy a garment simply because it would look good in an airport does not make good financial sense. I did however enjoy the romanticised view of life that it gave me and shall be clinging firmly to it whenever my life in Aberdeen gets a little too gloomy or cold for my liking!


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