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St Andrews: Undisputed home of the gilet

A possibly unfair and underhand joke at the expense of the well-heeled inhabitants of this little seaside town, but it had to be done! Aside from the golfists shops everywhere, there were quite a few charity shops, and I did not by any means get to see them all. This is a very quaint town with a reputation for attracting wealth, so I was keen to see what I could unearth here!

A selection of images from around St Andrews’ pretty cobbled streets.

First stop was Shelter which nestled down a little back alley that then opened up into a beautiful square in which a wedding was taking place.

The passageway where the Shelter store nestled – it is slightly behind and back from us in this image.

The first of my finds was a Joules skirt which are usually around the £40 mark. I particularly like the ice cream colours on this item, and the pleats are very conservative.

Joules skirt, size medium, £2.75, Shetler, St Andrews

The next find was an utter bargain! A Hobbs 3 piece suit including a jacket, skirt and trousers.

Hobbs 3 piece suit, Jacket size 14, trousers size 10, skirt size 10, all for £10! Shelter, St Andrews.

Given the sizing on this item I presume it must have belonged to a lady who had a rather large bust and slim hips. £10 for 3 items from Hobbs is unbelievable value and would be worth buying for whichever item was in your size and re-donating the other(s) back to charity. A lot of he items in this charity shop seemed to have had their prices slashed.

Hobbs Jacket

I also found a lovely little red collared t-shirt by Hobbs and an Edina Roney skirted jumper. A piece of Edina Ronay  knitwear will set you back about £300 RRP.

Hobbs collared top, size 12, £2 and Edina Ronay skirted short sleeved jumper size small, £6.

So concludes my St Andrews post. I leave you with a quaint image of a typically prim and well kept St Andrews house:

An enduring image of cottage perfection


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