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Sparkle while you Save

Diamonds may have been a girls best friend, but nowadays everyone looks like they’re wearing diamonds! Well from a distance anyway. Cheap alternatives made from glass and even plastic are readily available. Hell, even not-so-cheap cheap alternatives like crystal are everywhere. Wearing some sparkle in your ears is one of those things that is more timeless than ‘forever’.

I decided to pop out and get myself some cheap cheap sparkle when I was on holiday in London in July, and to be frank I wish I hadn’t bothered! I paid £8 for some plastic earrings, or maybe glass, I can’t tell!

Cheapo earrings from Claires Accessories, £8.

As you can see from my picture these broke!  This happened only one day after purchase, and I would have taken them back had I not said “Oh no, I don’t need to receipt, I’m going to put them in straight away!”

They were sterling silver coated, but obviously that will be a thin coating and the quality is already in question.

So I set myself the task of finding a better quality set in a charity shop, and it didn’t take many weeks of searching before I found a great example:

Bought for £18 from Blytheswood Care, Inverness.

Sorry about the poor quality images. This was a gorgeous set, and even if you count the earrings as costing the same price as the cheap set from Claires, even though they are infinitely better quality, that would leave the necklace at £10 – and this set is worth £18 of anyone’s money.

The chain is beautifully twisted with a sturdy clip and the ‘jewels’ in both the earrings and the necklace are safely ensconced in a strong cage of sterling CE marked silver.

Sorry for the terrible quality image!

I would really recommend finding jewelry in charity shops, you can find great quality items for the price that you would usually pay for more expensive costume jewelry. My Glamorous Assistant and I paused for a moment on the thought that this could possibly have come from a house clearance, it was once someones loved possession, and not necessarily ‘donated’ in the traditional way, but I treasure this set and like to think that  the fact that I love these items, and wear them everyday, will make up for which ever way they found their way into that locked jewelry cabinet.


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