Hair Removal

Mr Viss wants a Divorce!

I am writing this blog post from the train station such is the wonder of technology so if the grammar is sub par and there are random words littering sentences then it is because I am beseiged by auto correct.

So Mr Viss wants a divorce. Apparently it’s not working for him, this relationship we have. Or more like I’m not working for him. I’ll admit. I wasn’t aware that we were married. Not sure ES will be too happy about the arrangement. I was quite cool and calm when Mr Viss broke the news, very unlike me. He says he can’t exist under these condition.s, which came as a bit of a shock because I had always assumed that conditions were perfect! If you are confused, Mr Viss is my IPL hair removal system (Google it or see previous (I’ll add the link later as my phone is being contraire)).

Mr Viss has a certain ‘type’ like most men, nothing new there! His type is brunette with pail skin. Errrr, hello! Pale skinned (thank you Aberdeen) brunette Sat here! He should be able to work wonders on me! However so far my ankles are the only nite of me that has succumbed to his charms, read as ‘gone bald’ and the rest of me remains stubbornly hairy. I am at pains to add that this treatment requires that you continue to shave but the persistent stubble distresses me. Really it should be me asking for the trial separation ! However I need Mr Viss, for my arm pits in particular (the area that he seems to have least. Effect I might
add). so after much coercion and begging he has agreed to stay and give things another shot. I have said that I will try harder with him (turn his power up to max despite the sting) and persist. I don’t know how hopeful I am with this. Indeed it smacks of some desperate Hollywood scarlet going back to her lover after a very public break up, or to take it down a notch, like Chantelle and Alex Reid. On a positive note my bikini line and calves have become a little patch so I will cling on to this in the vain hope that we can patch things up without couples counselling .


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