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Charity Shop Boulevard – Perth, Scotland

This weekend ES and I ventured back to Perth to stay in our holiday home, which is in actual fact his ex-student flat that is not longer in possession of a television. Still it is a lovely flat and it was nice to get away just to two of us.

We had two plans for our weekend. Last week I had spotted that Perth has a large number of charity shops, and ES wanted to visit the drag strip in Crail on the Sunday to race his car. Unfortunately I forgot my camera for my charity shop forays so I dragged ES with me for the use of his exceptional camera phone – it’s actually better than my camera!

We discovered Charity Shop Boulevard in Perth with approximately 7 charity shops lining the street – I’ll delve into the those later!

Charity Shop Boulevard – AKA Scott Street Perth

Now most men, and even some women, dread joining their other half along for a days shopping – let alone a days charity shop shopping for ones bloggage! Everything requires a little give and take. As I mentioned before there is no TV in the flat, so I decided that it would be nice to find a boardgame to entertain us in the evening, and this was ES’s challenge. Naturally being a man the selection presented to me was biased to war and cars. First he found a type of Top Gear Trivial pursuit that even he said he would have no idea as to the answers (unless Vauxhall related!),

Top Gear Trivial Pursuit – £4.99 Banardos Perth

Then he found Risk, which turned out to be an enlightened choice. In about our 5th charity shop he came along with “Gazza, the game” to which I asked if it was a drinking game, but I also took the hint that he was getting fidgety and picked up the pace.

Risk, £2.99 – we played this – and I lost spectacularly!

Hoping to provide you with a post full of fashion finds later as I picked up some inspiration in the form of October’s Harpers Bazaar. I’ll leave you with a couple of photo’s of Crail.

Crail looking down to the harbour.

Crail in the centre of the village.


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