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Charity Shop Boulevard

As promised I’m going to take one item from each charity shop that I visited on Scott Street in Perth to show the range of items and shops that “Charity Shop Boulevard” emcompassed.

First was PDSA:

PDSA Scott Street Store in the foreground

This charity shop was crammed with bargains. It had a huge sofa in the window too which hints at the fact that you can also buy great quality furniture items too! My favourite item in this store was a Topshop jacket which you will be seeing a lot more of later.

One great item that I found in this store and I want to show case was this warehouse dress, beautiful mid calf cut, very lady like and slimming. However I don’t need any more dresses so left it there!

Warehouse pencil dress, mid calf length, size 10, £8.99

Me wearing the dress…

The next stop was Barnados:

I bought a couple of items in here which will feature in later Blog posts.

One item I do want to show off from this store is this Reiss men’s leather jacket. This wasn’t ES’s style so I didn’t get him to try it on, but this piece alone made me wonder if I should also foray into men’s fashion, that and the Androgynous theme that will be coming in a few blog posts time!

Reiss men’s leather jacket, size M, £24.99

The next store  on Charity Shop Boulevard was Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK

Here I found two things – and one is so gorgeous and perfect for the trends in A/W12 that, you guessed it, I’m saving it for a later blog post. I did however find this BNWT LBD by Julien MacDonald for his ‘Star’ collection:

Julien MacDonald LBD, BNWT, size 14, £20.

Right next door to CRUK is Debra:

Debra – Obviously closed the day Google street maps went past!

and I found some lovely little gems in here, one of which was this Thomas Pink shirt in a gingham style check. Perfect with jeans for a smart yet casual weekend look, but equally at home with smart wide legged trousers in the office:

Thomas Pink shirt, size 10, £3.80. Their shirts normally start at £99.00 RRP!

Slightly further on was Capability Scotland:

Capability Scotland

Here I found this gorgeous Fiorelli hangbag, in very good condition and very versatile due to its minimalist styling.

Fiorelli Hangbag, £3.50!

The last shop we visited was The Red Cross, which I always think look very lovely due to their simple white frontages:

The Red Cross shop – slightly further up Scott Street than the other stores.

So last but by no means least, I found these gorgeous teal Mary Janes:

Beautiful teal Mary Janes with gathered detailing over the strap, £7.50, size 5.

There was also a save the Children just across the road, but ES was getting fidgety by this point and I still wanted to hit the high street.

Save the Children

And so concludes Charity Shop Boulevard! Quite a stretch of retail heaven I think you’ll agree, however if you’re pushed for time, to have all these little gems in one long line is very handy indeed. The quantity and quality of items were exceptional, a great spot for the savvy shopper to frequent! I look forward to show casing some of the best this street had to offer in later posts!


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