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Androgyny according to Vogue

This is the first of two pieces on Androgynous Fashion, this first one will concentrate on the spread afforded to it in September’s Vogue, and the second shall be dedicated to the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, October Edition. You know that a style will be big when two huge magazines devote photo shoots to it, each selecting a model who looks disturbingly similar. In my own personal opinion I think that ‘she’, the model, looks like a traumatised lesbian in both of them, and Androgyny as a style is not something that I would ever wear myself, however it doesn’t mean that it is not worthy of a blog post or two! Especially when it is a style that is very easy to collate.

Firstly Vogue – and it’s opening gambit:

“Stride out now in Autumn’s mannish tailoring. Big shoulders, skinny ties and coats served in one-size-up proportions.”

Firstly, the one-size-up coats that they speak of! I found this oversized beauty in Barnardos, Scott Street, Perth:

This coat didn’t appear to have a brand, but the deliciously thick fabric and herringbone pattern are perfect for oversized androgyny.

This coat sits perfectly within this Autumn’s androgynous tailoring as it was a thick and warm fabric which is so practical for Scotland going in to winter, and the thickness of the fabric will help it to hold this oversized boxy shape without sagging and looking sad.

Obviously  for this style it is imperative that you get a good set of trousers. A straight leg cut seems to be preferred in these images although I personally think that a wide leg will work just as well, and if you’re not pencil thin like these models then it helps to balance wider thighs and hips:

Hobbs straight leg black tailored trousers, size 14, £3.75, Sue Ryder Care, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen

A wider legged version of a trouser for this tailored look was found in Banardos, Scott Street Perth.

Topshop trousers found in Banardos, Scott Street, Perth. £3.49 size 12.

No androgynous look would be complete without a jacket and Vogue have stepped it up a notch by taking patterned jackets and suits to the extreme:

This Prada suit is £2000, although I can’t help thinking they’ve gone a little too harsh with the styling! 

Fear not my pretties – you don’t have to spend that in order to get this patterned look. I found something that is very similar for 0.005% of the price!

This Topshop Jacket was found in PDSA, Scott Street Perth, size 8, £8.99

This jacket is so now that I ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhhed’ about whether to include it in the Vogue post or to wait until the Harper’s Bazaar post, until deciding that it’s just so perfect that it has to go into both! The fabric was a luxe soft velvet and the pattern is so bang on trend that I will be surprised if Topshop don’t bring out something similar for a second time around. This will look perfect with trousers of any colour, and a white shirt will let the jacket do the talking. This is a size 8, but if it were bigger, the double breasted nature is just slim enough to not look wide.

The cropped skinny trouser features in just about every page:

These trousers are £495 by Giorgio Armani

I found an on trend nude coloured pair of cigarette pants by Ralph Lauren in Cancer Research UK, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen. Side sip means no unsightly bulges at the crotch!

Ralph Lauren cigarette cropped pants, US size 4 (I’m a size 10 and I got these on) £5

And as you will have seen from many of the pictures above, this look isn’t complete without a pair of ankle boots. I found the perfect pair in Sue Ryder Care, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen.

Esino collared ankle boots, size 40, £4.45. The dark brown leather and herringbone style cuff make these perfect for Autumn. So perfect that they may get re-featured for some of my later posts.

This post features the following charity shops

Banardos, Scott Street, Perth

Cancer Research UK, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen

Sue Ryder Care

PDSA, Scott Street, Perth.


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