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Is Androgyny Bazaar?

Here is my second dose of Androgyny for you lovely people. Harper’s Bazaar has taken a slightly different twist on this style, they say that this look needs to be complimented with a healthy dose of diamonds. Their tag line for this spread is

“Ice, Ice Baby – The key to carrying off the season’s androgynous trend is to lighten the look with cool touches of feminine glittering diamonds.”

Now obviously we can’t all afford diamonds, so see here for some ideas as to how you can get good quality Bling to lighten your androgynous look! This houndstooth style chunky jumper is in the classic black and white of asexual styling.

Their opening page shows a chunky knit Max Mara wool jumper in a dogtooth style print.

Another hounds tooth style item in their Androgyny selection was this Chloe suit for £1700 – but I have a little bit of hounds tooth up my sleeve for a fraction of the price.

Chloe Houndstooth suit.

I found this houndstooth pencil skirt with stretch, originally M&S, in Barnardos, Scott Street, Perth for £3.49, size 10 – and I bought this as it’s so perfect for the coming Autumn season.

M&S Stretch pencil skirt – £3.49 size 10, Barnardos, Scott Street, Perth.

Me wearing the skirt – unfortunately I have my eyes shut…

Also speaking of patterned suits, this is the perfect time to reintroduce the patterned Topshop Jacket found in PDSA, Scott Street, Perth:

Topshop Jacket £8.99, size 8, PDSA, Scott Street Perth

Harper’s Bazaar features a good few trouser suits which is a staple of the androgynous style. This image also features a black and white masculine checked shirt. I must say that I have noticed that this look seems to call for black and white pieces in order to give off that masculine air:

This suit is £3000 by Donna Karen, and the accompanying shirt is £640

However you can get a great trouser suit at a charity shop – this Long Tall Sally suit would cost you £150 RRP, but I found it for £12.

Long Tall Sally 2 piece suit, size 12, £12 found in British Heart Foundation, Perth

Also I found this great black and white top that would look fantastic included as part of an androgynous look:

LK Bennet Striped wrap top, size 12, £7.99, found in Oxfam, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen.

The cut of this top would stop an androgynous look from looking too masculine because of the cleavage enhancing wrap style and the slight peplum style that will hide a tummy.

The waist coat is a classic item for androgynous styling.

A staple for this look is the waistcost. I found a great Mango waistcoat yesterday in Oxfam, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen. This item, ironically, will girly up an oversized white shirt by nipping in everything in at the waist and giving the illusion of curves by allowing volume over the hips and shoulders.

Mango black waist coat, size M, £4.99, found in Oxfam, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen.

No buttons over the front keeps it sleek and smooth for a no fuss no muss outfit.

So that concludes my two articles, if you can call them that, on androgynous styling. Personally I don’t think that I am girly enough to pass off this trend, or sharp enough with my style. I would just look uncomfortably masculine. But I applaud those who pull it off with aplomb, because while it may be a very easy look to pull together, it is altogether a more difficult look to pull off!


6 thoughts on “Is Androgyny Bazaar?

  1. Great finds. I can’t get enough of the androgynous look these days. I got a Laura Ashley waistcoat in a charity shop in Morningside about six months ago and it hasn’t been off my back since 🙂 I got a bow tie recently too!

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    • Thanks! Believe me I see some right trash, but I hope I’ve got good enough style to be an effective sieve for the ‘miss’ items and manage to only present the ‘hits’!

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