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Seven Things About Me Award

I only recently began my Blog, and it was only even more recently that I became aware of awards for Blogs. I peruse pages of gorgeous Blogs with gorgeous photographs, and lament at my little Samsung pocket camera that doesn’t do that lovely fuzzy background thing that always looks so good!

So firstly I would like to thank Mancunian Vintage for nominating me, she has been supportive from the beginning and has opened my eyes to the world of Blogging, and the social groups and gatherings that happen around this fantastic medium.

With this in mind, I can recommend her blog as a good read, and be warned, she is a very savvy shopper with some serious vintage style: Mancunian Vintage.

So down to business: 7 Things About Me

1: I love Autumn, seriously, I love it.


I love the cold nip in the air, the way you feel glad to get inside. The colours are so inspiring and it is my favourite season to go shopping. I love to walk around the city in a daze just looking at the trees and the buildings. I love the frosts creeping in to our mornings and the way you can see a sunrise or sunset almost effortlessly because they fall so naturally around our waking day.

2: I LOVE Aberdeen

Albyn Place, Aberdeen. Looking over Rubislaw Terrace Gardens

This is a beautiful beautiful city. People moan that it is grey and depressing, I say that it is silver and strong. Stunning granite buildings with their diamond sharp corners and sparkling stone grace every street. Certain streets like Albyn Place remind me of the glamour of London. This place is packed with money and a strong work ethic. If you want to beat the recession, move the Aberdeen – one of few cities that boasts more job vacancies that unemployed. It sits upon the golden sands like the forgotten jewel in Scotland’s crown.

3: I am completely addicted to heeled shoes

Christian Louboutin’s – The ultimate shoe

I have 56 pairs of heels at last count and yes I wear every single pair of them (or I did, more on that in 4:) I recently donated a couple of pairs to a charity shop and one to a friend that I hadn’t worn for some time. But I wear them all. I never wear the same pair 2 days in a row (or I didn’t) and it has become a point of conversation at work as to what shoes I’ll be wearing (or it had). I love them, they make me happier than anything in the world apart from possibly my boyfriend, or if I got a cat. They make me feel sexy and femine. I love to stride confidently down the street in a pair of patent red court shoes and turn heads as I go.

4: I have a weak left knee

MRI scan of a knee

I recently snapped my knee in half the wrong way whilst attempting to out long-jump somebody whilst caught up in Olympic fever. I landed and the joint bent right through itself, I felt it crunch horrifically as I kept moving forward and my lower leg stayed where it was. As I lay on the floor screaming in agony I had one thought: “My heels!!!! I can’t wear my heels!” In truth, I hadn’t anticipated how bad this would be, it had happened once before of sorts in the fact that it gave way once without warning, but I was back in heels in a week. It has been 6 weeks and I still cannot even straighten it lying down. Physio is the only cure. Wish me luck!

5: I treat shopping as an Olympic Sport – I’m better at it than long-jump!

Dune Lambrini D loafers from A/W12

I love shopping, not just charity shopping, all shopping. In truth it isn’t the shopping so much as the finding of a bargain that I love.  This ties in neatly with the above. I have never paid full price for any item over clothing that has an RRP of over £10, including all of my heels and I don’t consider it purchasable unless it’s under half price. I just can’t do it – apart from one item… my A/W12 Dune Lambrini D loafers, these were £80 full price, the most I have ever paid for a pair of shoes, and given that I own a pair of Louboutins that is an unbelievable feat. But I hate flats, so I needed to find a pair I loved no matter the cost as I’ll be wearing them for months. I find that if you are always buying cut price goods, you never have the latest fashion – but if you find your own classic style, that will never matter.

6: I never use a cook book

Mushroom Risotto

This has lead to some pretty interesting meals for myself and my better half, but it has also been very handy when we quite literally have £5 between us and I need to cobble together something to eat from our cupboards. I have learnt what you can put with something to add flavour when you quite literally have nothing in the fridge and I make a mean improvised tomato pasta sauce using that forgotten tin of plum tomatoes!

7: I am a sore loser

Whether it’s a debate, a board game, or long-jump… I hate to lose.

So concludes my 7 things about me post.

Next up are my nominees for the Seven things about me award:







And finally here are the rules for the award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Tell everyone seven things about yourself.

3. Choose other blogs that you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

Thanks again for nominating me :)


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