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Sorry if that is now ricocheting around your head like a kitten in a cardboard box at Christmas but it had to be done! So Harper’s Bazaar is bringing back the country! This look always surfaces in some form or another through the seasons, whether it’s wellies lace and shorts, floral prints and sandals, or wellies and tweed, it’s always there and it’s always stylish.

One of the best things about bringing country style to the forefront in Autumn is that it is brilliantly practical. Cold? Stick a tweed coat on! Wet? Wear some boots! Got a draught? Throw on a knitted jumper or scarf!

Rich textured tweed from Chanel.

“Step out under autumn skies in oversize reworked classics – maxed out checks, mannish tailoring; rustic tweeds and flowing Fair Isles mixed with laid-back touches of denim and leather”

The gorgeous Autumnal colours of this jacket are woven through the fabric like the changing colours of the trees and the great thing about a fabric like this is that there are so many colours that it goes with everything. So imagine how delighted I was to find this Zara jacket in St Andrews the other week – it perfectly matches this trend:

Zara Jacket – Size M, £4, Save the Children, St Andrews

Brown and cream dogtooth and check has made a big appearance in this months issue, it is less harsh than black and white and far more transferrable between both seasons and outfits. While black and white may only look good dressed up smart in the city, apply the same pattern but with earthy browns and creams and you have a colour that works just as well for a walk in the country as it does for the walk to the office.

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Coat – £3400

I found a great jacket that ticked these colour coded boxes perfectly:

Max Mara Weekend – size 12, £10 Cancer Research UK, Scott Street, Perth

This checked Max Mara jacket would cost at least £250 RRP, so to get it for £10 and in the colours of the season is very fortuitous. Gorgeous puckered detail over the pockets and buttoned cuffs are nice little touches that set designer goods apart from their High Street copy cats. But why pay hundreds when you can get designer style at less than the price that you would pay in New Look?


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