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The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Clashing colours is not a look everybody can pull off, mainly because not everybody wants to pull it off! To walk around in Orange trousers and a Turquoise blazer is not to every body’s style or taste and you will definitely not want to be shy if you’re going to go in for this look. You will turn heads and eyes will follow your path.

Harper’s Bazaar – The top of page 132 – The Clash

“Play with clashing pink and red shades accessorised with brash gold, or sober them up with simple black separates. Yes, it’s Eighties-inspired, but we’re only taking the best bits.”

The playful turquoise background to this spread highlights the clashing colours, and for those of you who are not as keen to welcome Autumn in to your lives, bright clashing colours are a way to stave off the Autumnal shades of Fall 12 and caress those last warm days of summer.

Lipsy Dress – size 14, £2.50 – Cancer Research UK, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen

This dress is the perfect clash – fuchsia and orange, with a beautiful ethereal fabric which means that the clash isn’t overpowering, instead it is floaty and delicate. And after all… if it’s good enough for Beyonce! …

Now to celebrate the turquoise background with a turquoise jacket. Turquoise is a great colour as it is bluey enough to go well with red, but greeny enough to go with pinks and oranges too!

Betty Jackson Black Jacket – £15.99, size 12, PDSA, Perth.

Having checked out Betty Jackson Black on Debenham’s website, I’d expect the RRP of this jacket to be around £75. Peplum styling around the cuffs and sleeves means that this is very current and would look just great with a fuchsia top and paired with a cream skirt as a nude middle man to pull the outfit together. The key with the Clash is to apply it very minimally. No one wants to look like Ugly Betty (sorry America!). You need two main key pieces and any other items you apply shouldn’t compete, they should enhance, just like these gold heels that I found:

Office gold court shoes – £10, size 4, Chest Heart Stroke Scotland, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen.

“Brash gold” shoes to accessorise the outfit, metalics will never compete with a bright colour, and often they help to pick out details in bright and colourful patterned garments. These shoes were in great condition and worth every penny of the £10. Office shoes range in RRP from £65 to £200, I’d expect a pair like this to cost around £80.

To bring back a blast from the past and the item that I would be wearing if I could wear my heels in order to make the most of this colourful trend is my Topshop red wide legged trousers – by complete fluke I also found my very own metallic Office court shoes on the same day! Wish I could wear them again 😦

Topshop trousers were £5 and my Office ‘pointe style’ court shoes were £9.99

I have so many lovely posts planned for you people, Harper’s Bazaar has proved to be a very fertile garden in which to grow my ideas and to show you that you can wear this season’s style without spending big!


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