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Time for my second instalment of Harper’s Bazaar country fashion. I had waiting a little while before collating this second post as I didn’t feel that I had enough fodder to warrant a second post, and then lo and behold, so much country fashion that I’m worried this post is going to be a bit lengthy!

Charity shops are season savvy, and just like your normal high street retail business, they switch their products according to the changing season’s and temperatures. They often stock pile things like winter coats (often donated in spring after someone has realised that they went the entire winter without touching said coat.) and then bring them all out in September/October. You will often notice that you cannot find a full length coat, aside from possibly a mac, in, say, a BHF store through summer, they are all shorter length jackets, often hoodless.

Harper’s Bazaar’s opening photo shows a traditional British scape of wild grassland and a model wearing an oversized coat in Autumnal earthy tones.

Not a huge fan of the denim shirt n general, let alone buttoned up to the neck. Luckily for me, this isn’t the focal point of this image, this gorgeous oversized earthy woollen overcoat is. My friend Anna wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about when I spotted a very similar coat while out and about in Aboyne last weekend:

This jacket was a size 16, £5.50, Home Start Deeside, Aboyne

This jacket starts with a pale base colour pallet, and then earthy blues and browns are woven through it with glorious rustic charm. If oversize is how you are going to play this trend this season, then picking up a jacket 1 or 2 sizes bigger than your usual is the way to go. The beauty of charity shops is that if you only want to dabble in this trend, it only cost you £5.50 and there’s no harm in lobbing back to the charity shop 3 months down the line when it’s no longer the height of fashion to be walking around in oversized tweed. It’s not wasteful because it is recycling at it’s most basic level.

Another gorgeous example of oversized tweed and plaid is found on the very next page, and to my delight, the coat featured is almost an exact match to an Oasis coat that I picked up in Inverness about 2 years ago for £8 that is still going strong, apart from the stain on the front caused by ES’s overzealous love of car parts – I’m still working on a removal plan… for the stain, not for ES… although I may roll it out to include the car parts…

This coat is £795 by Daks, and the blanket over her lower body is a great show of tartan style patterns that also always work well to compliment a country inspired outfit.

Yesterday whilst browsing in the shops of Inverness I found a great black and white oversize style coat, but this had more of a Houndstooth style print, and if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that Houndstooth has a noticeable presence in this season’s collections.

Houndstooth Be Beau (Matalan) coat, size 16, £15, Caring and Sharing Inverness

This coat, originally from Matalan, isn’t the kind of item I would usually include in my Blog, as I tend to like to stick to items with a higher RRP, but the high street is well known for picking a designer trend and running with it all the way to the finish line, and Matalan are no exception, they often get the trend bang on for a sliver of the price. The puff ball cuffs and gathering at the bottom of the coat match this oversized style as it will have a baggy, cosy silhouette.

To pick up on the bold red and black plaid pattern in the magazine image, this would be a great pattern for a scarf to compliment any one of these coats. I found a great selection in Blytheswood Care, Nairn this weekend:

Scarves in Blytheswood Care, Nairn -starting from £2.50

I also found this coat while in Aboyne last week, which ticks both the country trend and the leather trend:

Tweedy Country Goers jacket with leather collar, size Medium, £5, Home-start Deeside, Aboyne

This is a real vintage piece, and you would have some serious style to make this look good, and I am afraid that I just don’t have enough style to pull this off, But I am confident that someone could.

These next two pictures are less oversized and much more fitted jackets. Oversized is very practical because you can really layer up underneath, whereas a fitted coat will limit the amount of fabric you can squeeze under it before your shoulders get a bit restricted.

This Alexander McQueen coat is £4210

This is by far my favourite look in the whole spread, a gorgeous fitted coat in a beautiful Black Watch check. The nipped in waist is divine and with a full skirt underneath, the A-line cut will make the waist look even tinier.

The cut of that coat is perfect, and I can bet that once you bought it you would never take it off, the only way something this divine would end up in a charity shop is if someone ‘grew out of it’ because otherwise you would wear it to death.

I found another coat with a great fabric in Caring and Sharing, Inverness, but unfortunately not with the same cut, possibly for the reasons above:

John Rocha coat, size 14, £20, Caring and Sharing, Inverness

So that is the last of my country finds for Harper’s Bazaar.  I truly have found so many items for this trend in charity shops that I cannot fit them into the two posts. However I have faith that when I buy next month’s Marie Claire or Elle, that they will have their own take on this popular trend.


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