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Designer Denim

I have been scurrying around Charity shops foraging for all the best designer goodies for some years now (I only recently decided to bore the world with it) but I always get excited when I see some designer denim.

There is a reason that jeans are the staple of everyone’s wardrobe – they’re practical, comfortable & stylish. Of course, the fit is more important than the brand. You can have “juicy” emblazoned across your arse all you like, but if the jeans don’t fit, you’re going to look rotten rather than juicy, and no one wants to look past their sell-by-date!

That being said, I recently found some great designed jeans on my travels, these pictures have been taken over the past 2 months as it’s impossible to find all this in one afternoon, but it goes to prove that designer denim is out there!

“Gucci” Jeans – these may have been fake but for £5 who cares! Size 16 found in The Blue Door, Cults

These could have been fakes but the sizing definitely had the designer feel – despite these being a size 16 on the label, they fit more like a 12.

Moschino Jeans, size 10, £5.95, Debra, Perth

These definitely weren’t fake. I fancied trying them on, but I already own enough pairs of jeans, and ES was getting tetchy at this point so to try on some denim in, I’ll be honest, not my favourite wash would have been an unnecessary test of his patience.

D+G Jeans, size 12, £10, Caring and Sharing, Church St, Inverness

Again, definitely not fake. These jeans adhere more to the boyfriend trend, so although they were a size 12, they would look a lot better if they were worn by somebody who was a size 8 with a slightly slouchy, sheer t-shirt and some oversized shades.

Amd last but by no means least, and I’m afraid that these are even less designer than the fake ‘Gucci’s’:

French Connection Jeans, size 10, £3.95 Sue Ryder, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen

Despite not being ‘designer’, a pair of French Connection jeans will set you back anything from £77 new upwards, not an amount of money that I could justify. So this gorgeous pair of on trend skinnies were a steal at just under £4.


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