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Radley A/W 12 Campaign – Thrifted

So I have purchased October’s Elle for my latest batch of inspiration and one of the images that caught my eye was the Radley A/W 12 campaign. Normally I don’t pay tribute to adverts on my Blog but I really loved this image and thought it could be a look I would try out myself:

Radley A/W 12 Campaign

Now if you live in Scotland, and probably some parts of Northumberland, these skirts will be very, very and I mean very, easy to pick up – they are everywhere!

Case in point:

Selection of tartan knee to calf length skirts in Barnados, Castle Gate, Aberdeen

But I felt that the best example of this skirt was a vintage Jaeger item that I found in Shelter

Vintage Jaeger knee length skirt, £7.50, size 12, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

Now for the shoes… I found several types that could match these trend but I’m only going to show case the one here, and save the others for later trend matching posts!

Faith sling backs, NEW! £24.99 size 3, Oxfam, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

These gorgeous Faith slingbacks were brand new, RRP £50 but they’re so on trend (white court shoes are everywhere in this month’s Elle Magazine!) The models look is very elegant and classic, and the icing on the cake is her bag. I didn’t find an exact match but this Jaeger satchel will match with the skirt perfectly.

Jaeger satchel, £17.50

So while I was originally copying the Radley advert, it’s turned in to a bit of a Jaeger fest!

I didn’t but any of these items today, the shoes aren’t my size for a start, but the skirt would possibly fit (a vintage size 12 would be more like today’s 10 I reckon) and the bag is gorgeous. After seeing this post all wrapped up in a nice little bow I’m gutted I didn’t buy them and might have to pop back!


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