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Elle – Things you can afford to buy now – No 1 (Introduction)

Elle has written an ‘article’ on “What you can buy now” which to me seems like a dangerous sentiment to put out there when there are hundreds of young women, who are having their wages squeezed with rising energy costs, fuel costs and food costs, but still looking for some light relief. Surely it is reckless to encourage frivolous spending, despite the buzz you get from a great purchase. It can alleviate the the doldrums feeling that we get from constantly worrying about cash, but it seems counter intuitive. While spending might stimulate the economy, spending beyond our means is what got us in to this mess in the first place.

With that in mind, I have taken this article and genuinely tried to find the items that you could buy now, for very little cash, and all for a good cause. There are 41 items, and so I shall do 41 mini blog posts to show case the items that I have found. Some of the items will be a huge challenge to find, and it may take some time, so these posts may pepper my more regular style posts.

(Just looking through the 41 items and thinking I may have bitten off more than I can chew!)

Their item 10 = Post No 1


Now for my Denim shirt – by Limited Collection – size 12 – £3.99

Denim shirt found in Barnardos, Castlegate, Aberdeen

Believe me, denim shirts are easily found in Charity shops, and it would appear that they’re making a comeback. October’s Harper’s Bazaar and Elle both feature them this season. They’re very practical as a fabric, though for manoeuvrability you might want find a slightly stretchy version.

This is short sleeved version doesn’t match the trend completely, but it has a nice prim cut.

I also found this shirt which is a lighter fabric and closer to the one in the magazine-

Denim shirt, size 10, £3.30 found in British Heart Foundation, Union Street (Top end) Aberdeen

Denim shirt, Marks and Spencer, £2.99, size 14, British Heart Foundation, Union Street (top end) Aberdeen

3 shirts here found in 2 charity shops, just to prove how easy it is to find these!



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