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Things you can afford to buy now – No 2

My second instalment of  my take on Elle’s article “What you can buy now”. For the introduction to this mini series click here.

So I have been banging on for months now about Leather being the next big thing this season, and this month is no exception. Leather trousers feature more than once in this months Elle:

Maroon leather trousers £129.99 by H&M

If you can impulse buy a pair of £130 trousers then you don’t need to be reading my blog! And if leather trousers are costing £129.99 in H&M then you can only imagine what they cost in other, more expensive high street retailers.

With this in mind, I found some Wallis leather trousers:

Wallis Leather trousers, size 12, £8 British Heart Foundation, Union Street (West End) Aberdeen

These Wallis leather trousers for £8 are a bargain. I am not a fan of the stitch detailing over the pockets, but this would be disguised with a longer top or you can possibly remove it altogether by cutting out the stitches. My advice would then be to cover the holes with little studs bought from a haberdashery and you would be so in style, hitting two of the biggest trends this season, leather and studs. What’s not to love!


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