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Going for Goth

Based on Elle: Make Goth Work For You – page 83-84

I admit it, I dabbled with the ‘Goth’ look back in my teens (oh such a vague and hazy memory). However it was more about covering up and fitting in than standing out. Now, as a woman in my twenties, Goth doesn’t rest so easily with me, in fact it’s a look I would actively avoid, apart from at Halloween. No one wants to look like they’re going to a costume party when as a matter of fact they’re going for lunch with the girls, which is why I can empathise with Elle’s choice of title for their piece on this oh so tricky look – it’s hard to make a statement look like “Goth” work for you.

Separately there have been many Goth inspired nuances in this A/W season’s fashion; studs, leather and lace to name but a few. But if you’re a layperson to the Goth look, it’s best not to jump in with both feet and wear all these details at once. In my opinion you need to keep it simple, stick to just one of these details at any one time. This is a style that can easily look masculine, so remember for every bit of leather or stud, try and balance it with something feminine. Make-up plays a huge part, sometimes it’s best to keep your face simple and girly and let the outfit do the talking. Going for Goth both on your face and with your outfit is a sure fire way to miss the target.

Elle – page 84 – Make Goth work for you

Page 83

It’s purple, it’s leather, it’s lace, it’s feathered and above all, it’s studded. I have had a hard time finding studded items in charity shops. It is possibly the only look this season that hasn’t been replayed over and over again.

Lace is a little easier to find, and can be toughened up with that elusive studded detail.

Topshop lace dress, size 10, £14.99 found in Oxfam, Chapel Street Aberdeen

This Topshop lace dress is perfect for this trend, pale grey detailing isn’t as heavy as black, therefore this item could be worn as easily through the day as in the night. You could throw this on with a leather jacket and some tough ankle boots and that’s the Goth look nailed in one fell swoop.

Topshop dress, size 8, £9.95 found in Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults

Black velvet and lace, you can’t get much more Goth than that! This dress could be worn with light make up around the eyes and what my friend Lesley would call “a statement lip” and possibly a pair of shoes like these:

Miss Selfridge cage sandals, size 3, £6.99 found in British Heart Foundation, Union Street (west end) Aberdeen

Now for my final item, purple is a great colour for the Goth look, very regal but also very flattering on most skin types. This cape style Hobbs cardigan nails the colour and the Goth style:

Hobbs cape style cardi, size 8, £13.99

This would have to be styled very strategically, I would recommend very tight trousers to compensate for the long floaty fabric, possibly black skinny jeans, definitely heels. I think a light dusky pink floaty top underneath would lighten the mood of this garment, without detracting from the Goth style.


One thought on “Going for Goth

  1. I am quite partial to a little bit of goth injection in my clothing. I have a lovely dropped hem black dress which is a wardrobe staple, some chunky black boots and of course my studded charity shop skirt found with you!
    Thanks for reminding me about my boots!

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