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Merlot, Claret – not in your wine-rack but in your wardrobe!

Elle says:

“The Red Blazer – Red is your new staple. On skirts, jackets, even shoes. Think deep CLARET though, not Red Riding Hood.”

Autumnal colours on this season’s blazer

This is a shade that is everywhere, and I am even tripping up over it in Charity Shops, nothing to do with my penchant for Shiraz. It’s a great colour, perfect for injecting warmth all through this season, so don’t just consider it for Autumn, it will look great through the Christmas party season right into February and March.

Vintage Bally court shoes, size 5, £9.99, found in Oxfam, Charity Shop Corner, Aberdeen

These vintage court shoes are the perfect colour and style for this season’s wine inspired theme, and if you’ve had a bit too much to drink the heel isn’t too high for you to stumble home!

This Oasis leather jacket, is a great wine inspired merlot colour. If you happen to spill your precious glass of red, no one will be any the wiser!

Oasis leather jacket, size 12, £10.99, British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen – it’s more red than it looks!

Boots are the staple A/W item and I spied a great pair just as I was leaving Barnardos on Union Street. As if it’s not odd enough to be wandering around taking photographs of all their clothing, I dart in and out of the shop and root around in the window display:

Maroon boots, £6.99, Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

I couldn’t find a brand or size on these as I didn’t want to spend too long and attract more attention to the crazy lady with the camera. They looked to be around a size 5.

This should have been a post about Claret coloured blazers, but instead it has focused more on shoes, and the next item is no exception:

Nine West court shoes, size 8 £7.99 found in British Heart Foundation, Union Street, west end.

So finally I leave you with an item as this post originally intended, well sort of anyway! A wine inspired over coat:

Marks and Spencer over coat, size 14, £8.99, found in Barnardos, Union Street Aberdeen


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