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Higher or Lower – The Trainer Debate

This post deals with the training shoe – not an easy item to find in a charity shop, or a desirable item either! No one wants to buy a pair of used trainers! The sweatiest shoe of them all.

This page contains a huge selection of designer trainers, price from £57 to £500

I found these brand new Diesel trainers in Oxfam, Chapel Street, Aberdeen – bright and colourful as demonstrated above by Elle:

Brand new Diesel trainers, size 5, £17.99 found in Oxfam, Aberdeen

Elle’s article deals with the issue of hi-top versus low cut trainers. Personally I think that hi-tops are very much of the moment, and especially if they are a anything like Isabel Marant’s designs.

Isabel Marant’s of the moment trainers

I was excited to find these heeled trainer style shoes which match the style of these designer trainers beautifully:

Hi-top heeled trainers, £5, size 6, Save the Children, Union Street, Aberdeen

I know these aren’t strictly trainers because of the heel, but they are so on trend in their style right now that it wouldn’t have been right not to give them a mention here!


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