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Hell for Leather – The Jacket

Leather Forever!

It’s all I seem to be talking about! And I feel really hypocritical because my Aviator style leather jacket is still in my dressing room across town. “Dressing room across town!?” I hear you say… well I recently sort-of moved in with my BF, there’s not enough room here for all my stuff and I still feel the need to rent a room elsewhere just in case, plus I need a different postal address for reasons to boring too disclose here. So, I moved out of my beautiful, big double room in a fairy tale converted granite factory complete with spiral staircase, granite arch and cobbled courtyard, to a tiny single room in a large 3 bedroom house across town, purely as a space to store my stuff and for me to stay in if, God forbid, we have a mahoosive row! Decadent right?! Paying £300 a month for a dressing room…

So back to the business of leather.

Seriously, leather jackets are everywhere and have been for some years, and this makes it very easy to pick up a great on trend item from a charity shop.

According to Elle

“It’s the hard working piece that never goes out of fashion. Update yours with SHARP skirts and pussy-bow blouses”

And I would have to agree with them for the most part. Although these leather jackets are barely recognisable from the leather ‘over-coats’ that you see much of in the charity shops, (mannish, shapeless and they button-up-the-front) for every one of those, you see at least one gorgeous on trend leather jacket. The stud detail on this faux leather jacket means that it matches this season’s ‘stud mania’

Hopeshow Leather jacket, £5, size M, found in Save the Children, St Andrews

Don’t be afraid of trying out colour when you purchase a leather jacket – and even if Merlot is only the “next big thing” this season, and falls out of favour the next, you only spent a couple of quid anyway and you can re-donate it!

Oasis Leather jacket, size 12, £10.99 found in British Heart Foundation, West end of Union Street, Aberdeen

The flash distorted the colour of this jacket, it is much more deep red than brash purple:

This is a much better representation of the colour of this jacket, and this colour is a massive trend for this season – there’ll be another blog post on that later!

Another great leather jacket was located in Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults. Flash on my camera seems to distort colours like no tomorrow so I’ve shown this with and without flash, and then try and imagine a colour somewhere in between! I know, so unprofessional. One day I’ll be one of those good bloggers with gorgeous photographs, but for now you’ll have to deal with poor quality point and click!

Faris Leather Jacket, size 16, £20 found in BHF Union Street, East end, Aberdeen

I loved the lapel detail on this jacket, and the little ties at the bottom which gave it a sort of Western feel. You may see this little beauty pop up again in another Western themed post, and that’s no bad thing! It shows that what you’re buying can be versatile and cross a multitude of trends.

I did try and google the Faris brand, but all I got were a load of pictures of Anna Faris, wearing a leather jacket. So if anyone can shed some light as to the quality and RRP of a garment such as this, please shout out!


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