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Black Magic

The flames of this season’s Goth trend are fanned by the continuation of the theme throughout this month’s Elle. A page dedicated to “Black Magic”, a coven of black accessories, showcases everything from boots to bags, feather collars to cuffs.

 “Be seduced by the DARK and dramatic. The GOTH trend has 50 shades of black (almost).”

Patent leather has a huge impact on the Goth look, so these next two items can be thrown into the mix in this months cauldren of Gothic goodness:

Office black court shoes, size 6, £10, found in PDSA, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

Patent black court shoes, simple and classic. You can rest assured that these items will cover a multitude of trends and styles. Equally as home in the office as in the club, they are the hard working staple of any wardrobe. This pair, with a chunky heel and platform sole pack a real punch and you can strut with attitude.

For a more lady like approach to black magic try these bejewelled beauties:

LK Bennet slingbacks, size 5 £20, found in Marie Curie, Chapel St, Aberdeen

The best magic potions take frogs legs and rats tails, and little black leather satchels…

Topshop Black leather satchel, £5, found in Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

Or perhaps you prefer an ingredient of a more designer quality:

Moschino black satchel, £5.99, found in British Heart Foundartion. Union St, east end, Aberdeen

Maybe you want to add a handful of feather’s to intensify your spell, why contain your feather’s to a collar, when you can wear them on your shoes?

Oasis feathered court shoes, size 5, £10, found in Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

And while you’re mixing up these elements of black magic, you could adorn your wrists with a studded bangle:

Bangle, £1.95, found in Chest Heart Stoke Scotland, Cults


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