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RRPs – How much can you save in Charity Shops?

Welcome to Oxfam, Chapel Street, Aberdeen. This is the Harvey Nicols of Aberdeen’s charity shops. Every rail is awash with  designer goods.

It’s such a cute little building, and judging by the plaque on the wall, it’s  also steeped in history. The walls are crammed with rails and shelves full of goods, and a lot of them are very, very good quality. My theme for this post is how much you can save by shopping in Charity shops. My main ethos of Looking Fabulous for Less is all about flashing the designer goods without splashing the cash.

Here I am going to detail the best of my picks from this Aladdin’s Cave of designer goodies and conservatively estimate the RRP, subtract the charity shop price from this RRP and add up the saving at the end of it.

Jimmy Choo sparkly strappy sandals, size 4, £34.99

I walked in to the shop and spotted these immediately. My legs were still turning left but my eyes were dragging me rightwards. Yes they’re well worn, but £34.99 for a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals, with wear and tear that you could pass off as your own, I’d buy them! A pair of sandals like this would set you back at least £400.

Saving = £365

Kurt Geiger butterfly sandals, size 38, £17.99

Next, there were another pair of shoes, and these weren’t well worn at all. In fact, they looked almost new! Denim and mini studs, these would be great for this seasons cursory nod to the Goth trend. Kurt Geiger sandals such as these would cost you around £120.

Saving = £102

Radley handbag, £69.99

My eye was caught next by a Radley bag in gorgeous bright colours. It had barely been touched! The leather was gorgeously soft, and a bag around this size and style would be priced at around £200.

Saving = £130

Calvin Klein Dress, £17.99 size 12

This Calvin Klein monochrome collared dress is suitably smart for the office. A pleated front will disguise a food baby after a particularly indulgent lunch time, and after a cursory glance through the internet, a Calvin Klein dress like this will cost you £800, although many of the dresses on the site were upwards of £1000.

Saving = £783

Country Casuals tweed style jacket, size 12, £24.99

This is a gorgeous colour for Autumn and the corduroy collar and pocket detail’s really give it that country feel and the shoulder pads add structure. Unfortunately this was too big for me otherwise I would have bought it. All Country Casuals jackets cost £149.

Saving = £125

Emporio Armani Blazer, size 12,  £39.99

A blazer like this, not short cut and with more than 2 buttons would cost you £450 at least, and remember I am doing conservative estimates. This is in a colour that is forever chic, and would be perfect for layering with an androgynous style.

Saving = £410

Jaeger full length coat, size 16, £49.99

This Jaeger full length coat is never going out of style, with it’s classic houdstooth pattern and traditional double breasted style. The cheapest calf length coat I could find on the website was £300

Saving: £250

Tommy Hilfiger dress, size 10, £50

This beautiful dress in patriotic colours is much more delicate than the dresses I can currently find on the Tommy Hilfiger wesbite, but I am going to use them as a guide price, you can buy a Tommy Hilfiger dress for around £100.

Saving = £50.

So to total up the savings:

£365 + £102 + £130 + £783 + £125 + £410 + £250 + £50 = £1805

So to conclude – if you want to Look Fabulous for Less, flash the labels without spashing the cash, then you need to shop in Charity shops, and more specifically, this charity shop.

Some people might say that they don’t want to wear what someone has already worn, but you would wear clothes given to you by a friend, and once you’ve washed it, what’s the difference? Yes it may look worn, but no one knows that the wear and tear on your Chanel bag isn’t because you have carried it with you everywhere. Or you can be proud of the fact that it cost you hardly anything and you have helped a good cause, so boast about your savings to your hearts content! Me? It depends on my mood!


4 thoughts on “RRPs – How much can you save in Charity Shops?

  1. Wow! That is one hell of a charity shop! So many good labels there! That’s amazing!
    I love a charity shop! Nearly everything I buy is thrift or designer! I don’t own much in the middle.
    Great post. I love seeing what other people buy in charity shops!

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