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Do you like your wine from a bottle or from your Wardrobe?

The season of Autumn has always been obsessed by Red. It’s on the leaves falling from the trees, the beech hedges in manicured gardens, and of course in our wardrobes. Elle has taken this inspiration a collated a gorgeous spread of Red Wine inspired items.

Accessories – Wine Tasting

“Simple CLARET, burgundy and Bordeaux – purples and reds will lift your WINTER look”

Let me start by saying, I love red. I mean I really love it. I would like to get married in red. It’s a bold and beautiful colour that is guaranteed to turn heads. This season’s obsession with all the shades of the wine taster’s rainbow is nothing new.

If you fancy boozing on Bordeaux, a splash of Shiraz or perhaps a quaff of Claret, have a browse through the rails of your local charity shops. These places are awash with wines of every shade.

Next Ankle boots, £4.99 size 4, found in Barnardos, Castlegate, Aberdeen

These Merlot inspired next boots are perfect, they’ll go with skinny jeans or a skirt because of the way they are cut at the front, sloping down gently will elongate the leg.

Faith double strap Mary-Janes, size 4, £3.99, found in Barnardos, Castlegate, Aberdeen

These bright red Mary-Janes are a beautiful bright red, and the double strap is super stylish right now, and Kurt Geiger have brought out a shoe just like this one! I’ll be showing this one off again at a later date.

LK Bennet court shoes, £10 size 4, found in Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

These beautiful LK Bennet court shoes are so elegant, for only £10 they’re a bargain. I actually went back to collect these for my Glamorous Assistant as she is a size 4. It has been so gutting, pretty much all the shoes I have seen recently have been size 4s! I don’t know what is going on, it’s like an exodus of size 4 shoes into the Charity Shops of Aberdeen!

Tods Handbag

Tods handbag, £18, The Blue Door, Cults, Aberdeen

This bag was a complete steal, unfortunately I found this a few weeks ago so it’s unlikely to still be there now. As Tods handbags, (larger than this) start at around £1000, to find an example for £18 in really good condition is truly amazing.


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