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Metallurgy for Dummies

I’m a little behind the times this month! October’s Elle gave me so much inspiration that I’ve only just gotten around to reading October’s Vogue! It’s a hard life I know, plus I’m still not done with Elle as I will be continuing my mini series of “Things you can afford to wear now“.

Now, I’m a big fan of the sparkle, so I was delighted to see that Vogue had created a shoot devoted to metallics, however I would prefer to hone in on the sequinned bling rather than the basic metallics. I have been surprised at the amount of sequinned gorgeous dresses in Charity Shops recently.

Cover page for Vogue shoot

Donna Karen Sequinned Blazer, £6,165

Next Sequinned jacket, £10 BNWT size 10, British Red Cross, Banchory

Why spend £6K on a jacket, when you can buy one for £10, with tags. This sequinned Next Blazer made me do a double take. Who says you’re only ever going to be behind the times when you shop in charity shops. OK, so it’s not spangly and sparkly, but I quite like the matt finish.

Laura Ashley Sequinned dress, size 8, £25, Chest Heart and Stroke, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen

Now for something a bit more spangly. This gorgeous silver dress has a chemise feel to it, and the colours of the sequins are reminiscent of Autumn and Winter. You could work a real Ice Queen look in this. I recommend statement shoes and earrings, bare legs and an updo.

The metallic python skin dress is £15,650 by Tom Ford, the beaded jacket is £7,900 by Giorgio Armani

Embellishment is big business, just look at those prices! Even this kind of detail found on the high street can cost several hundred pounds. So I find that the best way to locate this kind of glamour on a budget is in the Charity Shops of Britain.

All Saints beaded dress, size 12, £70, Oxfam, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

£70 for a dress in a Charity Shop might seem like a lot, but this season’s embellished creation from All Saints is £295, see it here. This silk navy dress is perfect for the coming party season and in a very understated and chic colour. Navy blue is actually my favourite colour to dress in, if not my favourite colour in general, which most people find a little weird.

Red Herring sequinned dress, size 12, £9.99, Oxfam, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

Beaded cardigan, £7,050 by Ralph Lauren

Beaded waistcoat, size 12, £5, Marie Curie, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

This beaded waistcoat fits nicely in this bling bling trend. I can see this over a crisp white shirt with an equally sparkly sequinned mini skirt, of which I have seen many in the Charity shops around Aberdeen, but I am a bad blogger and forgot my camera!

Topshop metallic sandals, size 5, £3.99, Barnardos, Castlegate, Aberdeen

These shimmering sandals will be the icing on the cake for a great metallic inspired outfit. The cut of these sandals will elongate the leg and display gorgeously manicured tootsies.

Monsoon embellished metallic top, size 16, £6.99, Oxfam, Rosemount, Aberdeen

So there you have it, one of this season’s key trends, replicated from Charity Shops. One thing that I feel that people forget is that Charity Shops are full of things from the High Street, and the High Street often gets it right. Unless you’re Lady Gaga, you’re never going to be wearing something so out there, that it has never been done before. What I find about fashion is that often the pieces are the same, it’s just the way they we wear them that changes. So get out there and find your inspiration, and put these items together in a way that makes you feel stylish, and be proud that you paid very little to ‘get the look’.







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