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It’s not you, it’s me.

Something weird happened to me at the weekend, it was unbelievable. What was even more unbelievable was how often I described it as unbelievable!

About 4 years ago I purchased a coat from a Charity Shop, it was my favourite coat, so snuggley and cardigan-like. It’s a size 10 and I bought it for £8 and it was originally Oasis. Then, disaster struck!! It somehow got oil spilt on it in the boot of my boyfriend’s car. It is a black and grey pattern and so after a quick wash, the stain does appear to fade into the background, but I know it’s there, and it’s one of those stains that it more obvious from far away, the worst kind of stain.

Oasis cardigan coat, size 10, bought for £8 4 years ago.

Close up view of the stain. It doesn’t look like much but it shoes up when you see it from further away.

So imagine my suprise when I stumbled across this, 100 miles away, 4 years later:

Oasis cardigan coat, size 12, £8, Independent Charity Shop, Banchory

Yes that’s right, it’s the same coat! Only in a size up. How amazing that exactly the same coat should show up, donated to a charity shop a few years later. Because this coat is designed to swamp the wearer I could get away with going a size up, but really a size 10 is the right size. I didn’t buy this… yet. I am going to have a real crack at soaking the stain on my current coat and make a concerted effort to remove it. However, if I don’t manage it, I can always go and buy another one for another £8.

I think that this miracle occurrence says one thing and one thing only… I must have terrible taste in coats!


3 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s me.

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