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Haute Casual

If I wanted to see high intensity branding I would visit Times Square. There I said it, I don’t like staring at someones ‘juicy’ bottom in the queue for the cinema. It’s tacky and above all trashy.

So I was intrigued by Vogue’s piece titled “Haute Casual”. Essentially this is dedicated to luxe items for the every day. Who doesn’t want to afford themselves a little bit of luxury. It’s all very well and good to spend hundreds of £s on a beautiful cocktail dress, but how often can you wear it? Surely then it makes better sense to spend your precious spare cash on beautiful items that you can wear every day. And these items won’t scream designer either, so you have to be committed to your cause of luxury for you, not as a status symbol for everyone else.

Do you know what I think is even better than splashing out £300 on a gorgeous cashmere jumper for the weekend? Not splashing out at all, and still having only the very best in your wardrobe!

Let me take you on a down to earth tour of my best Haute Casual simple designer finds…

Cos yellow T-shirt, size XS, £2.99 found in Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

Have you noticed that yellow is still everywhere? Despite it’s summer sentiments, this colour continues to shine in all the high street stores. Having checked the Cos website, a t-shirt like this is between £19 – £25, not the kind of money I have to spend on a simple T!

Saving = £16

Whistles tie top, size 10, £7.99, found in Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

Red is good in any season, but especially autumn. This beautiful light Whistles top ties under the bust for a flirty princess line cut. Tops with similar detail from Whistles cost £85 – £115.

Saving = £78

Hobbs wrap dress, size 16, £7.99, Barnardos, Castlegate, Aberdeen

Is there no dress more casual than the wrap dress! A soft jersey fabric with an easy to wear style, wear with a kami to ensure you don’t give away a free peep show on the school run, or without for eye-popping cleavage fun for lunch with the girls. Hobbs wrap dresses start at £79.

Saving = £71

Jaeger trousers, size 10, £4.99, British Heart Foundation, Union Street, west end, Aberdeen

There is no harder working wardrobe staple than black trousers  Vogue shows a pair of Stella McCartney crepe trousers for £410. Well, I see your black trousers and I raise you a pair of Jaeger high-waisted trousers for £4.99! These were too big for me which was truly gutting as I was lusting over them more than Keith Lemon over Lisa Snowdon. The closest pair of trousers to these that I could see were £140, some were a bit cheaper, some were more expensive.

Saving = £135

Thomas Burberry shirt, size 8, £4.99, British Heart Foundation, east end, Aberdeen

If you’re going to buy a shirt, this is a piece that I recommend spending a lot of money on, or at least appearing to have spent a lot of money on! I picked up a Jaeger shirt for £3.99 in a charity shop and it is my fail safe shirt, with jeans, with a skirt, under a dress, it looks fab every time. This Burberry shirt, with its hidden buttons and minimal logo is perfect for this Haute Casual look. The cheapest shirt I can find on the website is £195.

Saving = £190

And finally

Coccinelle slouchy leather shoulder bag, £85, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults

Bag’s have become a real status symbol of late, everyone wants to have a great brand like Mulberry or Prada on their arm. But in reality these bags cost upwards of £1000. I think that this Coccinelle one, although barely touched, is a bit over priced at £85 (I don’t think it would even fetch that on Ebay) It is a lovely example, however, and in a beautiful colour. Coccinelle bags in this size range from £185 to £330.

Saving = £100

So finally, let’s tot up the savings…

16+78+71+135+190+100 = £590


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