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Tom Hanks and his Typewriters

I am addicted to Twitter.

They say the hardest part of addiction is admitting it, right? But, what if I don’t want help? I love Twitter, it’s like a constant stream of titbits, and it truly is what you make it. Twitter is all about your own choices, you choose whose content you are interested in, and you don’t need to click on or read everything. It provides an endless stream of inspiration for my blog.

One piece of inspiration was this:

Letter from Tom Hanks to Chris Hardwick

This was found via @lettersofnote on Twitter – The following is a quote from this link:

“In an admirable attempt to secure him as a guest on his Nerdist PodcastChris Hardwick sent a beautiful 1934 Smith Corona to noted typewriter collector Tom Hanks and popped the question. Within days, Hanks responded with the charming letter seen above, typed on the Corona.”

Well I found my own version of a vintage typewriter a couple of months ago but I’ve been contemplating the perfect reason to show case it:

Typewriter, £10, found in Blytheswood Care, Inverness

This vintage typewriter was in the box, for £10 and as you can see from the photo’s it’s in excellent condition. If I had a house of my own then I would have bought it, but I share a flat with my boyfriend and another couple and there isn’t really space.

I have no idea if this is Tom Hank’s cup of tea, or even if it is worth anything more than £10, but I was seduced by the romance of an old typewriter. How fabulous.


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