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Wool Week

According to my best friend Twitter it is #WoolWeek this week. Thank you to @ClarenceHouse for that intriguing snippet of information. It provided me with a useful base for this next post.

Wool is an expensive material, but it’s luxuriousness is reinforced by a wonderful longevity that other fabrics can only hope for. It is also a very environmentally friendly fabric, having come direct from nature, and when you’re done with it, you can even bury it in the garden should you so wish and it will rot away providing much needed nourishments to your plants, though personally I would of course recommend donating it to charity.

Some people find wool scratchy and uncomfortable, but to them I say that they are buying the wrong kind of wool. Find yourself some cashmere or merino wool! Merino especially is a miracle fabric, auspiciously soft, ironically it almost feels acrylic. Wool itself is naturally fire retardant and anti microbial, that is, it does not develop a nasty pong after years of wear. In fact you can sweat in wool all you like and it’s won’t smell.

“Cashmere?! Merino?! Am I made of money?!” I hear you cry. You can thank me two fold for this next little gem of information. Yes I know British Gas and N-Power are raising their prices and your already squeezed wages are getting crushed a little further, but think of it this way, wool jumpers keep you warm… wool jumper = turning the heating down.

OK, OK, I’m just messing with you, of course I have managed to find the finest woollen garments for a fraction of their original price.

Jaeger coat, size 16, £5.50, found in The Blue Door, Bieldside, Aberdeen

This wool and camel-hair Jaeger overcoat is made in Great Britain, so you are retrospectively supporting the British wool industry. Not much use to them now I guess, but the thought is there! Wool is a product with trade restrictions in Britain as we have our own wool trade, so imports of wool from other countries are regulated.

Jigsaw wool mix jumper, size 8, £4.99 found in The British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen

This gorgeous pale blue Jigsaw jumper is a wool mix of the following proportions:

  • 41% Wool
  • 27% Viscose
  • 11% Polyamide
  • 12% Cashmere
  • 9% Angora

I bought this as it was so damn comfy and it beats the hell out of my H&M baggy hoody as an item to loll around the house in. Jigsaw 100% cashmere sweaters start at £135, and their Angora ones at £85, so for this wool mix item, I’m going to guess at an RRP of £65. Saving = £60.

Laura Ashley 100% Merino sleeveless top, size 10, £4.75, found in The British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen

I love the fit of this top, you’ll have to excuse the blue vest top underneath, not a good look! The merino fabric is celestially soft, it’ll be perfect for work and weekend, so I just had to buy it. I can only find one merino top on the Laura Ashley website and it’s £90 but has long sleeves, so I’m going to guess that this would have been £45. Saving = £40.

So there you have it, you can spend less than you thought and turn your heating down! Double bonus!


3 thoughts on “Wool Week

    • Ooh you’re a girl after my own heart! You’ll love today’s post then, it’s almost like I wrote it with you in mind! 😉 x

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