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Ell Bee Dee

That’s right my friends, the LBD! I have neglected this wardrobe staple, always casting Black as Drab in the pantomime of my life. Brown and Navy are always selected for the lead roles. Black doesn’t even get a look in as the big bad villian, that would still be too bigger part to play (Anyhow, that’s Red’s job). No, instead Black is the sheep at the back of the Nativity, the third least interesting ugly sister in Cinderella.

So what on earth has happened lately? Black has stolen the show! Instead of skulking at the sidelines it has decided “No more!” and has sung the lead song, strolling down the aisles to take up central stage, finishing with a Pavarotti eclipsing version of Nessun Dorma, leaving spectators weeping in delight in their seats. OK, OK, maybe I’ve got carried away, but I have bought no less than 3 LBDs in the past month, a black coat and a particularly lovely black French Connection top ( all bar one from charity shops naturally). More on those items later.

I think my dear friend Lesley may be to blame. You remember Lesley? Wearer of the statement lip. Now, my friend Lesley, as she shall hence forth be known, is a very stylish woman, make no mistake. A turner of heads, shall we say. She recently had a Hen-Do, that at all points was referred to as a “Not-Hen”. No L plates, no feather boas, no matching t-shirts. She instead elected to have all her guests wear an LBD, while she would wear and LWD. (I’m not translating that and if you haven’t got it already, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night and go “Ohhhhhh! Little white dress!” – dammit, I just translated it!). Obviously I had a task to find an LBD as I don’t own one that fits. I ended up buying a gorgeous little shift number from H&M and consequently have worn it to work, proving the endless versatility of an LBD. However, I needn’t have turned to the High Street in my desperation, as I have since found a number of perfect candidates for the lead role of “Black Beauty, The Musical”

Coast LBD, size 12, £12.99, found in Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

Perfect LBD fodder. Classic on the knee A-Line cut, simple enough for more smart-casual events, but can be dressed up for anything that requires a bit more effort. The wide cut on the straps and A-line shape will give the illusion of an hour glass figure and a deep scoop neck will show just enough cleavage while still keeping it demure.

A simple Coast dress like this is £85. Saving = £72.

Jaeger flapper style LBD, size 10, £10, The Red Cross, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

I know this photo makes it look grey, but that’s just the flash on my ridiculously unequipped camera. This gorgeous layered flapper style dress with velvet trim is a  beautiful example of the LBD. I can imagine this with a huge statement sparkly necklace and equally sparkly shoes. I would lose the belt immediately. I don’t know what Jaeger were thinking by including it! Have a tailor remove the belt loops properly and you would have yourself a gorgeous designer occasion cocktail dress for a snip of the price.

Dressy Jaeger dresses seem to start around the £150 mark. I’m going to go in low with an RRP of £120. Saving = £110.

Philosophy Blues Original (?) racer back LBD, £8, Shelter, George Street, Aberdeen

Yeah, I’ve never heard of them either, however after a quick Google, they’re apparently a high quality Danish brand, and they have a gorgeous video with some even more gorgeous models when you enter their site, although after that it is unnavigable! This dress has the cutest A-line cut with pockets to boot. I love the thick straps. Thick straps always make your shoulders look smaller. I have no idea of an RRP for you gorgeous people but you can bet it’s more than £8.

Yet another Coast LBD, size 10, £8.99, The British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen

Hmmm, this looks suspiciously similar yes? In fact the cut was identical, but the fabrics were very different. The previous one was a poly/cotton mix, where as this is a much lighter crepe type fabric. Both are gorgeous.

Same as before, RRP £85. Saving = £76

Esprit LBD, size 10, £10.99, found in The British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen

I’m going to say that this dress would have been around the £59 new judging by their website. Saving = £48.

Oasis LBD shift, size 8, £5, Cat’s Protection League, George St, Aberdeen

I bought this dress as it is simply stunning on. The boat neck cut shows off just enough collar bone and because of the wide shoulder straps makes me look like I go in and out, something that often eludes me. It has a nice firm stretch to the fabric which means that you have great manoeuvrability in it but it’s still very fitted.

The RRP of this dress would be around £65. Saving = £60.

I think you’ll all agree that this is a fantastic selection of LBDs and that despite all of them being black, the dresses themselves vary massively. If there is one thing I have re-learned after shunning black for many years, is that when all else fails, you can always rely on the LBD to be flattering and make you feel fabulous.

So thank you to my friend Lesley for re-educating the ignorant.


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