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Vintage pearls

A friend of a friend told me about a fabulous vintage pearl necklace that she had spied in the Bethany Store on George St, Aberdeen. Good news travels fast clearly and so I just had to pop along to see what the fuss was about. Now, as one of the few charity shops to open late on Thursday’s, perhaps due to it’s close proximity to The Bon Accord Centre, I did fancy popping along on Thursday evening, but as usual, life got in the way. But it is worth noting that you can still browse good quality at low prices until 6:30pm every Thursday here.

Instead I had to make do until Saturday and hope that they would still be there. As with many fine items of vintage jewellery there’s an element of the romantic involved. You know it has a story behind it, and sometimes when you only know half the story it makes it more exciting because you get to fill in the gaps!

Vintage pearls, £200, The Bethany Store, George St, Aberdeen

These pearls come in a darling little box, which guides them to rest into a pleasing shape, gracefully draping themselves like a 40s Hollywood movie star across the soft velvet. The silk lined box, a miniature treasure chest, has pleasing little scuffs and stains, suggesting a true passage through time. Delicate gold clasps provide just enough resistance to build anticipation of what lies behind it’s silk dressed doors.

“How to care for your pearls”

And then, when you think it can’t get any more wonderful, this beautiful little booklet, like a guidebook of glamour, reminds us all that this was made when you couldn’t buy an imitation string of pearls for today’s £1, jewellery was made to last, to be passed down, and as a result you had to care for it. These are from a by-gone era, before anything was throw-away, let alone things designed to adorn a woman. This feels like a real piece of history, a real treasure for any vintage enthusiast.

I found a great article on vintage pearls:

This goes in to detail about the difference between true pearls and imitations. It also talks about the worth of your pearls and how to determine a good quality piece of pearl jewellery from the size and shape.

As I was talking to the assistant when he so kindly allowed me to take these photographs, he put forward the notion that pearls aren’t currently in fashion, and it’s true, their resurgence over the past few years appears to have lost momentum.

But, as I pointed out to him, they may not be in fashion, but they are always in style.


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