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What you can afford to buy now – No 5

It’s been a little while since I did one of these posts, but fear not, I haven’t forgotten about them! Rather, they have been on my mind. This weekend I went shopping, and sometimes when I go out I can find literally nothing. Sometimes I find loads of really lovely things but they’re never the right size, sometimes I struggle for inspiration and nothing excites me, and then there are days like Saturday, when I’m scared I’m spending too much money – is that even possible in Charity shops?? Those items that I bought will be covered in detail in a later post but let me outline for you in brief:

I bought:

  • Two tops for my holiday in Malta with the girls (how have I not raved on about this yet?!)
  • Two LBDs (previously mentioned in my Ell Bee Dee post here)
  • A tweed jacket
  • A belt
  • A woollen vest top
  • A woolen jumper

It cost me £33 in total, how is that even possible!? I had 3 bags of stuff! And this is why I have called this series “What you can afford to buy now” as oppose to Elle’s title “What you can buy now”

So… to their number 16 – stack heel boots:

Leather boots, Massimo Dutti, £125

Now I don’t know about you, but for me to commit £125 to any item, even an item of footwear, is a huge deal. Plus, I don’t really rate these boots. The stack chunky heel (which I’ve just realised you can’t see in this photo, but trust me it’s there) is great for Autumn/Winter as it gives you a bit of stability and sure footedness that you don’t get in a 4″ pencil heel, but the height of the boot? What is going on there? It’s very restrictive. Unless you have the lower leg of a Gazelle, it’s going to be very hard for these boots not to compromise the attractiveness of the rest of your legs. OK they’re fine under trousers, but then what’s the point? Surely a true ankle boot would do?

A knee high version which actually shows the heel – courtesy of Massimo Dutti website


Roberto Vianni boots, size 6, £8.95, Sue Ryder Care, George Street, Aberdeen

I much prefer a knee high boot. These will actually make your legs look amazing, especially if there’s volume at the top because they make your knees and thighs look smaller. The stack heel is very current and I prefer the amount of volume over the forefoot, much neater and smaller. The other ones look like they were made for Homo Erectus not a modern woman. Full leather and with great detail, these are a smashing deal at just under £9 – Roberto Vianni boots are around £70 RRP.

I thought about buying them but as I already have 2 pairs of brown heeled boots I don’t really need them, had they been black it would have been a different story!

So there you have it, a pair of boots which you truly can afford to buy now.


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