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Take Shelter

Its no secret that I rate the charity shops of Aberdeen. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not all great, but they’re all worth a visit because you never know what you might find. However, there are certain shops which you can go in to and you know that you’re going to find something, before you even step foot in the door, in fact before you even leave the house.

This shop is one such shop. Shelter, George St Aberdeen. The rails of this shop are always full, but not so full that you can’t browse. It’s not the best presented charity shop, but in no way is it messy or dirty. I think one of the reason’s that it isn’t the prettiest is because there is so much stock. It’s hard to merchandise when you’re pushed for space. But let’s face it, in a charity shop, a lot of stock is the best thing for everyone. There are more things for them to sell, and with more stock there’s a higher hit rate for the shopper.

This shop sits close enough to The Bon Accord centre to be considered close to the main drag, their window displays are always good, currently there’s an excellent Halloween display. I can’t help but drive past this place and hope that every single dress that they have on the mannequin is a 10.

Another unique thing about this shop is that there’s a huge +size section so if you’re a size 18+ then this should always be your first stop for clothing.

This is one of my favourite shops and I visit regularly. One thing I noticed on my recent visit was the excellent selection of shoes that they had in.

Faith court shoes, size 3, £7.50

Burana (whoever that is) peep toes, brand new, size 7, £10

Topshop, wedge court shoes, size 7, £15

Steve Madden court shoes, 6 1/2, £12

Marks and Spencer wedge Mary-Janes size 4, £10, never worn

Matalan boots, size 6, £10

I love these army style boots, wedges are still big this season running through from summer. I love the extra straps over the lacing, lots of buckles and the military colour. I would wear these with something lady-like such as a tight black shift dress, or the classic, over jeans.


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