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Leopard print pill-box hat à la Audrey Hepburn

I find that the term “style icon” is bandied around rather frivolously these days. True, it means different things to different people, and even the idea of style is much more a feeling, than something you can actually lay your hand on.

My perception of style often lies with a woman who knows how to dress herself. That is, a woman (or man for that matter!) who understands her own shape, who knows what she feels comfortable in, and what is suitable for the occasion+1. To expand on this last point, a woman with style never fades into the background. So while many women may be able to dress according to the occasion, this woman will do so, and yet carry a luminosity and confidence that is perhaps not present in others. Never over dressed or under dressed, she is always just so, and radiant with it. She does not have to be the ‘best dressed’ in terms of designer and labels, and there may be more than one woman in the room with impeccable style, but you will know them when you see them.

One such woman was undoubtedly Audrey Hepburn. She was a beautiful creature who moved with grace and poise, and who knew exactly with what she should adorn her person. And if anything, this lady of impeccable style dressed for the occasion+2! Think that beautiful hat to pay a visit to prison in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Another of her memorable hats was the leopard print pill-box hat in Charade. Let me come clean here, this is not a film that I have seen… yet! But believe me, I shall make it my business to see it.

Audrey Hepburn – “Charade”

This blog post comes courtesy very much of ES’s parents. Both have long been advocates of the benefits of shopping in charity shops. Lynn in particular tells me that she often thinks of me when she is shopping in them. That is why, when they bought me what looks to be a vintage leopard faux fur pill box hat from a charity shop, I was overjoyed, not least as I consider it a huge compliment. Hats are not often worn in this day in age, much less so a statement hat such as this, so for them to see something so timeless as stylish and think of me is wonderful. When I received it I immediately got out my camera phone, donned my sunglasses, and sent them this quick photo:

Me in my leopard print pill box hat.

Now I previously mentioned that I have not seen Charade, however, when Barry received my photograph he was immediately reminded of the following promotional image for that film:

Audrey Hepburn, Charade

Needless to say, I shall be reaching for my red coat whenever I want to wear this hat! And with sub zero temperatures forecast for Aberdeen later this week I must say that I cannot wait! I hope they stick around because this weekend I will be sunning myself with my girls in 27° heat in Malta, and this get up would be of no use there! Like many women I love the cold, I see it as an excuse to get dressed up in old style glamour, like winter was somehow was invented in the 40s. Luckily I need industrial strength hair products to make my hair take on even the slightest wave, so I feel confident that I could tuck my hair up in this hat and when I took it off, faced with the inevitable heat wave upon entering any building, that my hair would still look half decent.


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